GAME Not Selling Ubisoft’s PS Vita Titles

[drop2]GAME won’t be selling any of Ubisoft’s Vita launch titles, VG247 are reporting.

Ubisoft’s line-up is a strong one, with the sublime Rayman Origins alongside the utterly fabulous Lumines: Electronic Symphony, but if you’re looking to get them from GAME you’ll be out of luck.


“At this time we will not be selling the … Ubisoft titles,” the retailer said.

“All customers affected by this decision have been made aware of the situation and we will continue to communicate any updates to customers through our Twitter and Facebook feeds.”

Other Ubisoft launch games include Michael Jackson, Dungeon Hunter and Asphalt Injection.



  1. Oh wow.
    Shit got real.
    Is this related to the store’s credit issues we heard about a short while back?

  2. Is this to do with GAME’s “credit” or sell-back with developers?

  3. Obviously couldn’t come to a supply arrangement, Ubisoft will be the ones to suffer though if last week’s Tekken 3DS release is anything to go by. It was another title GAME Gp didn’t stock & it failed to make the the all format top 40 and even the the 3DS top 10. Whatever your personal feelings are, the high street is an integral part of distribution & marketing of games & without it anything without a CoD or FIFA in the title will be facing an uphill battle.

    • I must admit I couldn’t understand publishers logic in saying “fine, we won’t send you our games to sell. That’ll learn ya”. If I was selling a game I would want it in as many shops as possible, pre-owned or not!

    • I agree. Some people complain about GAME, and their pricing – which isn’t always spot on to be fair. However their presence on the high street allows us trade-ins, to buy pre-owned games and those occassional spontanious purchases.

      • Plus its somewhere to go & look at interesting stuff rather than be dragged around dress shopping.

        I probably shouldn’t complain, but when i am bought a dress, i prefer for it to be a surprise! :D

      • Lol!

      • I NEVER trade-in at GAME. I have always supported the local indie shop for my games. Going on the past 4 years now

      • It’s great that you can do that, but there aren’t any Independant video game shops by me. Even if there were, I’d use the business who gave me the best price. Do you deliberately not use GAME for a specific reason, have you had a bad experience with them, or do you just prefer to use the smaller business?

    • Are you sure that Tekken ultimately failed to make it in those lists soley because of the lack of presence in GAME retail stores?
      Couldn’t it be possible that not enough people were actually interested in the game? I find it hard to believe that one retail chain affects the sales of a game THAT much.

  4. I feel sorry for Game. They’ve been gradually worn down by competition from online retailers that break the RRP on virtually every game. The same situation that’s caused today’s ridiculous rage against Sony’s online pricing in the UK.

    I hope they survive, I really do, but they’ve got to try and join in with the price wars where they can. Just as with the iOS App Store’s dive to 99¢, the market is now broken, and there’s no going back.

    • This is true – I recall Game having promotions on various items of interest, almost week on week back in the day.

      Right now, i am struggling to remember the last decent offer they actually had, which says a lot.

    • I agree I do feel sorry for GAME,, here in Birmingham there is only now 2 GAME shop in the main city centre & am sure the other one is on the verge of closure, due to thee fact that gamestation do better deals like 2 for £20 etc

    • They’re obviously at the upper end on pricing, but that always going to be the case with the assisted sale business model. What they need to do is make sure their assisted sale is is that good that it’s actually good value.

      What I have noticed is that GAME have been £39.99 for a few things that Tesco have been £42.97 for & sometimes it’s the other way around, they’re usually there or thereabouts with the supermarkets & people Argos, HMV & Blockbuster too.

      What I remain to be convinced about is that their assisted sale is that much better than the self-service available in non-specialists, remedying that will take something they haven’t got; time & money.

      They need to look at how companies like Carphone Warehouse have remained top dog for its whole history and how it fended off rivals, both online & non-specialists (something I know an awful lot about), hopefully GAME aren’t backed that much into a corner that it’s too late for them, at the moment they seem to be surviving rather than doing anything substantial & that in itself is the path to failure.

    • Game got a problems.

      1) Laughting at publisher with second hand market and not paying anything there.
      2) Boasted about how much money they where making in second hand market.
      3) Pay a low rate when customers sold there games to Game.
      4) Charging more for second hand games then where for new.

      Sorry but Game is one of worst things that ever happend in gaming. They have deprived publishers of so much needed income. Now Game is crying because publishers will not help them out. LOL

  5. So if GAME aint selling Ubi games does thaat mean gamestation wont be too?

    • Interested in this also.

    • 99.9% certain it’s the same.
      It’s GAME Group that the publishers & distributers will be arranging special agreements with so both retailers will be affected.

  6. What the fuck? And when you are failing, Game really?

  7. Well, thats boned my plans to get Rayman tomorrow then. GAME and Gamestation are the only 2 game focused retailers in my city, and the HMV has an awful games section. Looks like I will be buying online then. What a total jip.

  8. What’ll this do for Rayman’s chart position again?
    I had assumed it would go high up it (as it seems to deserve) but now…
    Downloads don’t count toward the charts, and if Game aren’t taking it…

    • I got Rayman in the Amazon deal, that should count. Was planning on taking a few games into trade at GAME, luckily Im not interested in the rest of Ubi’s games, but strange GAME are not stocking them, must be to do withh all the credit news.

      • Yeah, same as me (except I bought Lumines as well in that offer).
        Perhaps GAME should have done their shopping back then? :P

  9. Feck… I was looking forward to use trade in credit for it

  10. To be honest I cant see all that many people being too bothered, Games prices are poor and their selection of new titles is poorer. I used to really like Gamestation until they were taken over by Game.
    I cant remember the last time I bought something in either of them.

    • I can – Like ’em or not Game have been a part of our highstreets for years now & i for one would not want to see that change. Yes, they haven’t been as competitive as perhaps they could have been & the shift towards promoting pre-owned over new hasn’t helped them in the long run, but if Game & Gamestation disappear, what does that leave us with? Not much.

      I feel gaming needs a highstreet presence to enable it to stay a bit mainstream.

      As i have mentioned previously on other subjects, there’s also nothing that quite beats going home with purchase in hand to make you feel a bit like a little kid again. Sometimes waiting for the post is just too long for me.

      • Little kid? Pfft i always get games in store

      • Yeah, not to be taken literally! :P

        What i meant is that you just don’t really get the same level of excitement waiting for the postman to drop it through your letterbox.

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