This Is The First Thing To Do When You Get Your PS Vita

So, you’ve got your PS Vita (whether it’s today via an over eager online retailer, or tomorrow from the high street) and you’re busily unwrapping the box and sticking it on charge.  Well, before you dive in – stop – and read this, because it’s important.

Basically, the Vita will want to connect to your wireless Wi-Fi router when you first boot it up, and it’ll want to look for Firmware updates at the same time as trying to get you to sign into your PSN account.  But it can’t, and gets stuck in a frustrating loop.

It’s odd, but here’s what happens: if you try to use an existing PSN (or SEN, as it’s now known) account you’ll be told that the Vita will need to do a firmware update (the latest system software isn’t on the Vita yet) but will then take you back to the account screen.  Ad infinitum.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Press ‘do not use‘ rather than ‘use‘ when asked about your account.
  2. This will set you up on a trial (temporary) PSN/SEN account.
  3. Watch the video, it lasts a few minutes.
  4. Then it’ll let you update the system software.  If you don’t get a prompt, go into Settings and it’s at the top.
  5. Then you can go back and use your PSN/SEN account.

It’s trivial once you’ve worked it out, but I remember being stumped with this back in December, so it’s worth pointing out.  Basically, if you’ve already got a PSN account from your PS3 or PSP, you’ll need to abandon it temporarily whilst the Vita updates.

Then you can go back to it, and enjoy having your Friends list, trophies and messages as normal.



  1. Cheers, will avoid confusion when I get it!

    • Yeah, odd that it’s not been fixed by Sony yet. Hopefully newer machines will come with newer Firmware that fixes this loop.

  2. It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been addressed by now.
    To everyone who gets their Vita this week: Have fun, guys! :)

  3. Thanks for this, I’m hoping mine will be here today!!!

  4. Thanks Alex now to collect this at 5pm today after work ^^

  5. I have to wait until next month for mine, it is going to kill me!

  6. Hoping for mine to arrive tomorrow morning, In work though so will have to wait until half 4 to get my paws on it

    • Damn, wish I could finish at 4:30pm. Did you get your router sorted? I assume its the new one you’ve been promising yourself?
      Mine is getting delivered to work tomorrow (hopefully!!) so I’m reserving my lunch break for when it turns up! :)

  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I remember you mentioning this in another thread. Shame a lot of people will be hit by this problem without knowing how to work around it. Silly really

    • Yeah. All we can do it put it out there!

  8. Good to know, thanks.. My resolve finally broke last night and I ordered a wifi only model from Amazon (along with a free 8G card, and Wipeout). Looks like I gotta wait til Thursday tho. :(

  9. Thanks for the heads up Nofi!
    ill have to remember this the day after tomorrow (when i get my Vita in my twitching hands) so i wont have any trouble.

  10. My Vita comes tomorrow. I can imagine that my frustration at having this loop keeping me from getting going would be volcano like. thanks for the heads up.

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