TSA’s Awesome MotorStorm: RC Contest

A belated Happy Vita day, and in celebration of this fabulous looking console’s launch, we’ve got a little contest for you. It’s part of one of my favourite franchises, and one of the games that has quite a bit of positive press and a nice buzz surrounding it, MotorStorm: RC.

Thankfully this is one of the Cross Play titles, and on a scheme where you buy once and get for both platforms to boot. That means that this particular contest is actually open to Vita and PS3 owners alike. Even better, we’ll be using one of the levels from the trial version of the game, which means you can join in even if you’ve not yet bought the game. You really should, though.

So what have we got up for grabs for the winner?  Well, it’s a little bit special:

  1. A £5 UK PlayStation Network / SEN voucher, which should cover the cost of the game.
  2. Some DLC for the game. *
  3. An exclusive PSN avatar from Evolution that nobody else will ever get. *

To enter, all you need to do is fill in the form below, with your TSA ID, PSN ID and email address, so that I only know who to look out for. We also ask if you’ll be playing on Vita, just because we’re a little bit curious to see how many new owners there are.

And how do you try to win?  It’s easy: go and set some level times on the 3rd Festival level in Monument Valley: Night Clubbed, where you have to overtake 10 cars as quickly as possible.

This level is open right away in the free trial, but needs to be unlocked in the full game. Don’t worry, it’ll probably take you less than half an hour, and will let you get acquainted with the games physics engine and hopefully some extra vehicles.

Entries will close at 11PM GMT on Monday 27th of February, at which point I’ll check the leaderboard for this event, and the entrant with the best time will be our prize winner. *

* Terms and conditions apply – see below.

MotorStorm: RC Contest
Questions marked by * are required.
1. TSA ID: *
2. PSN ID: *
3. Email Address: *
4. We’re curious. Do you think you’ll be playing this on a PS Vita?

  • Yes
  • No

I hope to see names from TSA lighting up the top of the boards in the next few hours. Go and get racing, and let us know how you’re doing in the comments!

* Terms and Conditions (in addition to our normal terms):

  • The prizes are for UK PSN account holders only.  If the winner does not have access to a UK PSN account they may chose to forfeit the prize and the next best placed time will win.
  • There will only be one winner.  All prizes will go to that one winner.
  • There are no cash alternatives.  The prizes are not transferable.  There is no cash value to the DLC and avatar codes.
  • We will only accept entrants via the form above.  If you haven’t entered via the form by the time stated, you’re not part of the competition.  Closing date for leaderboard entries is final.
  • There may be a delay of an indeterminate length between the end of the competition and the receipt of different parts of the prize such as the DLC and avatar codes.  We will aim to get the £5 PSN voucher out via email as soon as possible but the DLC and avatar are likely to be at least a few weeks away.
  • All prize details are subject to change without notice.
  • DLC bundle and avatar codes are kindly supplied by SCEE and Evolution.  TheSixthAxis, SCEE and Evolution are not responsible if the codes don’t work or otherwise.
  • It can sometimes take a few minutes for the game to sync your times to the leader board. Be a little patient, and don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • A SEN account is required.
  • Our decisions in all these regards are final.


  1. This game is perfect for stuff like this, looking forward to giving it a go!

  2. Stuck my name in the hat, although I suspect you’ll be looking waaaay down the list of times before you find me!

  3. Brilliant work, TSA :-)

  4. Sweet, I’m going to compete regardless of intelligibility. Loving Motorstorm at the moment.

  5. teflon – I love you *flutters eye-lashes*
    Submitted and yes I will be playing this on a Vita!
    Why you ask if you don’t mind me asking does it make a difference? Does Vita beat PS3 with comfortable controls (I haven’t tried on PS3 been on VITA alot!)
    Thanks teflon ^^

    • Oh, no difference at all. Vita might be a shade more fiddly, I guess, with the smaller sticks and screen size. We’re just curious to see how the Vita is doing within the TSA community, is all.

      • Ah cool well Vita for me then ;)

    • I actually saw you Crazy Del at the top of one of the leader boards the other day. First time I’ve seen a fellow TSA’er online!

  6. From what I saw of the leaderboards yesterday, just give the prize to PoolieMike. He was literally #1 in the world in one or two courses.

    Of course, that was nearly 24 hours ago, and I’m guessing several other TSA’ers have got their mitts on the game since then.

    I’ll join, but I’ll be propping up the table :-)

    • Why thank you sir!

      Gives me more incentive to play the game after achieving the platinum trophy yesterday. :)

  7. Had a quick go of the trail version yesterday and will defo get the full game.
    As for the comp, great prizes but don’t think I’ll be anywhere near the top of the leaderboard.

  8. Even if I don’t have a UK account can I still get 2 and 3 if I win?

    • Nope, sorry. “The prizes are for UK PSN account holders only. “

  9. Entered. As far as I could tell, teflon had the fastest TSA time … that was until I beat it about 5 minutes ago. However, there is still quite a gap between the top of the leaderboard and me, so I doubt I’ll hold onto the lead for long.

    • Son of a… >:-/
      I’ll get back past you soon…

      • Currently 9th on the all time leaderboard ;)

      • I have past both of ya! 6Th place right now.

      • Damn! Lol

        Must try harder!

      • Not any more gents, Youles is now in tenth and Kivi’s fourteenth … I am now up to eighth :-)

      • Damn my short lunch break today!!! Well done mate

      • I’ve not even got the game, but damn this is fun watching the change in times.

      • I swear I was close to a 34 sec lap but went right into the back of the last car instead of passing it!! Fail :/

      • The worst car for me must be number 7… always that car.

      • Lol – mine is #3 (I think), trying to get up his/her inside going into the long left hander. And then the last car – always!! Gonna try this for an hour and a half later whilst watching the Europa League – gotta love the Vita, TV and PlayStation at the same time!!
        Anyone want to try for the Wall Brawl trophy by posting times then trying to beat them?

  10. Awesome, I’m in. Got my Vita earlier today and a £10 PSN voucher to pay for Escape Plan, only to be given a Pre-order pack (…weird seeing as I didnt pre order it) which of course comes with a £5 voucher to claim off Escape Plan. I know where my spare £5 will be going ;)

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