PS Vita Gets Free South Park Episode

South Park has been going fifteen years, and to celebrate the show’s sixteenth series, PlayStation are offering the first episode of the latest run completely free to download.

It’s on the ever catchy VideoStore of PlayStation Store, and is currently there without asking you to spend any monies at all.  Naturally, the rest of the series is there too, but there’s cash involved.


It’s only up there on the UK, Australian and New Zealand stores, mind.

Via PlayStation, where discussion quickly moved onto how to pirate the show.



  1. In case anyone doesn’t know: you can stream 14 seasons for free in some (many? most?) places. Not terrific quality, but you hardly need that for south park anyway. sends me too their Norwegian site (that to my surprise lets me access it all) so I assume it’ll work for a lot of other countries too.
    Their may be limitations (number of episodes without having to register, or similar) but I haven’t run into any yet.

    • I concur with you! I believe that all South Park episodes are free and available to anyone, anywhere in the world. The only restriction is what episodes are available ie if it hasn’t been shown on tv yet, then the episodes won’t be available. Found this with the Norwegian site as well as it only offer up to season 14 I think. Still free is free!

      Basically be careful people not to pay for the episodes on the store when they are legally free elsewhere.

  2. Downloading now and ill watch it when i get back from school.

    i must admit this is pretty neat that they have offered a full episode for free.

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