Saints Row To Get ‘Bloodsucker’ DLC

Saints Row The Third is to receive vampire themed DLC in the shape of the ‘Bloodsucker Pack’.

The DLC will male your character sparkle in sunlight and be swoonsome to teenage girls – just kidding, take it away THQ PR peeps!


Screw Team Edward. Wouldn’t you rather be on team of a vampire with dual katanas and a thirst for enemy blood, like our very own vampire-hunter-turned-vampire, Nyte Blayde?

Our newest add-on for Saints Row: The Third, the Bloodsucker Pack, provides you with a brand new ability to latch onto your captives and regain health from sucking their blood, performed by pressing in on the right stick.

This pack also comes with other bonuses to keep you in the game, including VIP bonuses for Cash Boosts, Hourly Income, Respect, and the Scavenger ability.

The DLC will also boost the kill bonus of Professor Genki, if you spot him wandering around Steelport and manage to murder him to death (he has an awful lot of hit points) you will pocket $1,000,000.

The DLC will be available  for Xbox 360, PS3, Steam and OnLive this week for 160 MS Points, $1.99 or the equivalent  itty bitty amount in pounds and euros.

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  1. Seems a bit average imo. I wonder if they rip the crap out of Twilight?

    I wonder if sunlight will kill you or if they are sticking to the new type of vampire that doesn’t get killed by the sun?

    • New type? I thought there was a daywalker before they turned vampires into little sissy boys. :P

    • It is only a a couple of quid.

  2. Saints row…might rent it.

  3. Have the plat for it so dont think ill bother with any of the dlc.

    • Same here. Off to trade it in.

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