Apple Sends Out iPad 3 Invites

Apple has sent out invites for its iPad 3 event, which takes place on March 7th in San Francisco.

The device, semi-confirmed by a photo included in the invite, is expected to be running at four times the resolution of the previous models.


The theme – “We have something you really have to see. And touch” – suggests little other than getting Apple’s loyal fanbase salivating.

Expect a quad-core processor and LTE connectivity along with that insane screen.



  1. Interesting to see where Apple go with iPad next

    Spec boost is a given but what’s more interesting is what else is announced or shown off, eg. will there be something akin to Siri which accompanied the spec boost from the iPhone4 to 4s

    • I would have thought Siri is a nailed-on certainty. Why else would Apple have not released it as an app for iPad, if not to use it as a selling point for the next iteration?

    • Aye… the Retina display is almost a given and it should look utterly glorious with a DPI of over 300. I’m more curious about the iPhone 5 as rumour has it, it’s going to start looking more iPad-like in styling but time will tell. The industry awaits (and so does Hannypoppie as she’ll want my older iPhone 4 when I upgrade). :P

      • I hope if there is design changes to the iPhone that it is less minimalist, I really dont like the idea of the design having less and less design to it until we have nothing but a screen with no identity.

  2. That screen is going to be awesome. I’m happy with my iPad 2.

  3. It remains to be seen whether the screen is as ludicrous as first touted, or just smaller and therefore more densely packed.

    Quadrupling the resolution will be something special if it’s done right.

  4. Two analog sticks and some buttons please. Ta.

    Going to be amazing when all these ‘next gen’ games are actually iPad 3…

  5. Cant wait to see what Apple have got up their sleeve, in addition to a high res screen. Hopefully they show something that convinces me to upgrade my iPad 1.

    • Having done the iPad 1 to iPad 2 upgrade I can assure you that there is already a reason without the screen. The extra ram and processing power of the iPad 2 makes it feel night and day compared to the iPad 1, everything runs smoother and faster – I can literally watch 7Gb bluray rips (MKVs) on my iPad 2 with little more than one or two occasional hickups the whole movie, something I couldn’t dream of on the iPad 1.

      iPad 3 will no doubt see yet another boost in performance, though with the higher res screen I’m not sure 2 –> 3 will be as significant as 1 –> 2 was.

      iPad 1 serving duty as dedicated MP3 player and universal remote for HTPC (via Plex).
      iPad 2 shortly to be gifted to gf.
      iPad 3 – well I’ll be in San Francisco all of April… might have to pay the downtown Apple store a vist ;)

  6. As an iPad 2 owner, I hope Apple don’t have a higher-resolution screen on the iPad 3. Better cameras, pre-installed iBooks, quad-core processor, LTE, Siri… I can live without these things. The only thing I’ll miss is the better screen!

  7. iPad 3 is the reason I didn’t get a Vita on launch day. Just wanna see what they have up their sleeve first.

    • Preeeeety sure whatever it is, it’s not going to include twin thumbstick and buttons.

      To me they are different devices for different functions (which is why I own both). Vita does games from hardcore to casual and does them very well, whereas it does ‘other’ things such as browsing, facebook, twitter etc barely adequately. iPad does ‘everything’ excluding core gaming very well, but comes at a price… both financially and ergonomically – as it will never match the feel and accuracy of the Vita for gaming.

  8. Already planning my trip to the Apple store ;)

  9. Does it come with a free pie? If not then no deal Apple. :p

    Unless it has buttons and two analog sticks, i’m not interested in an Ipad due to my dislike of touch screen tech. Hang on, didn’t the Ipad 2 release last year? I’m just wondering.

    • Apparently, Apple products are only ripe for a year.

      • To be fair, I think Apple probably release the LEAST amount of phones and tablets out of all the manufacturers per year.

      • Yeah I know, it was just an apple joke. As in the fruit. I’m allergic, maybe that’s why I only take one bite and leave the rest. No seriously, these jokes are terrible. And so are the working conditions of the people that make Apple products…
        I need to stop. I’m not an Apple hater BTW, I just find the annual hype weird.

      • It’s actually something to look forward to as the dates are fairly fixed. If the other manufacturers did the same I’d be the same about their hardware too.

      • but they do charge silly prices look at how much a mac is it is a piss take in my eyes.

    • Apple refreshes it’s product lines every year, compare that to HP or Dell in the notebook market or HTC, Samsung or others in the phone & tablet markets where there’s new products everytime a CPU/GPU manufacturer farts out a new chip.
      Plus the iPad2 will ably supported until the iPad4 is here before technology will probably have moved on too much for it to be to relevant, although it will of course still do everything that was released during those 2 years.

  10. Why on earth would you want four times the resolution? That means higher processing-power and battery consumption and let’s not forget the price. As much as I’d like a tablet, I can’t help but feel this is just spec-baiting. I’d be more impressed by an awesome batterylife as that’s far more important in real world usage.

    • Tablets generally have an awesome battery life because of their size, my Touchpad lasts days & days

    • Unlikely to be the case. A better battery would surely accommodate the better screen, as Apple don’t lower specs.

      As for price, it’ll no doubt sit at the price of the iPad 2.

      • Yes, it would probably have a better battery, but the batterylife will not be much better as it has to run higher hardware specs. And the price of the iPad 2 isn’t exactly what I would call cheap. :-/

        But my comment was supposed to be focused on the unlikeliness and stupidity of a 4K display that’s only 10 inches in size.

      • I dunno, fella. The retina display on the iPhone is gorgeous so there’s no harm in seeing it on the iPad too.

      • 4K on 10 inches would be 400 PPI, wouldn’t it? (keep in mind the iPad 2 has a 9.7″ screen which would make it about 412 PPI) Retina display is 326 PPI, so I can see that happen, but anything more would surely be overkill.

        Still want one of course, as I’d love a tablet for web-browsing and as a comic-reader.

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