MotorStorm: RC Competition Winner

When we launched this contest last week, with the help of some very great prizes from SCEE and Evolution Studios, including an exclusive avatar, I knew it would be pretty popular. The number of entries surpassed all my expectations, though.

Over 100 of you entered, but only a handful really managed to get to grips with the handling and peculiarities of this game and this particular challenge. Early on PoolieMike took the top spot on the global leader board, and many assumed that the jig was already up. Then out of nowhere Death_in_Flamez blitzed Poolie by a huge 1.6 second margin at the very end of Friday, with a time of 31.863 seconds!

To those doubting themselves, the chase was back on, and several people started inching their way closer. Poolie improved to within half a second of Death_in_Flamez time, before Kegs11 (a mortal enemy of TSA from our MS:A battle) leapfrogged him. Late on Monday, THLNetwork, R1MJAW and AshGraham also put on a bit of a charge, but were adrift by larger margins.

Flamez wasn’t idle during all of this, trying to and finally managing to better his own time by a few hundredths of a second to consolidate his spot with a few hours to go. His final winning time was 31.829 seconds.

So congratulations are very much in order for Death_in_Flamez, who wins a £5 PSN voucher, some DLC for MS:RC and the exclusive avatar that will be his, and his alone.

He has promised a video detailing just how he pulled this feat off. Since many of you were scratching your heads as to how he managed it, keep an eye out in the forums in the next couple of days to find out.

Thanks to everyone that put themselves in the running, and I hope to see you all next time, MotorStormers!

– Don’t forget that we’ve got a few other competitions still running. There’s opportunities to win F1 2011 for PS Vita and an Xperia Play in the next few days.



  1. KIRK! So you were playing Motorstorm during the Failcast. ;)

    Congratulations captain. :) Now, prehaps this week, you won’t be late to the failcast eh? ;)

  2. Nice one kirk!

  3. Nice one Flamez, those top times are mental!

  4. Which version did he play? Psvita or ps3?

    Insane time! Got 35.344 at best.

  5. Well done Kirk, finally found a racing game you are good at :P

  6. Congratulations!
    I’d be interested to know which of those times were on Vita and which were on PS3. I managed 34:345 on Vita but perhaps should have tried on PS3 with the larger analogue sticks. Otherwise I can’t see where they were shaving off 3 seconds – well done!

    • I didn’t think to look before, but according to the entry answers, it would seem that Kamikaze was the fastest Vita entry. I was sat, also from the Vita, in 16th or 17th place last night, just outside the leader board’s top 15…

      I think all the pros did switch over to digital inputs, with D-Pad and face buttons to get there. So I think the only real advantage was in the size of the screen and the frame rate being locked to 60Hz.

      • I was in 20th worldwide last night after somehow cutting 2 seconds off my time and getting 34.7 ish. On Vita, with the d-pad.

        Couldn’t control it on PS3 at all.

        Those top times are ridiculous.

      • Thanks for the response. Blimey, I never even considered using the D-Pad – although it might require less opposite lock, after being to keen with the analogue sticks!

        I shall look forward to the video! Very impressive times from those chaps!

      • Actually I used the left analog stick

      • Up until Monday evening I had sunk hours practising on the Vita. I had a cheeky go on the PS3 and that was my best time within a couple of attempts, it took about 2secs off of my Vita times.

  7. Nice one Kirk, well done. I have no idea how you did it, something to do with car 6..? Hmmmm, I eagerly await the video!

  8. Really great competition, MotorStorm RC lends itself well to this sort of thing!

  9. Nice one Flamez.
    Was going to have a blast on Sunday to try and improve my time but forgot, wouldn’t have got close to winning though.

  10. I love this game, but it would appear that I’ve got a lot of practicing to do!

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