GAME Stock Falls 15%, GameStop Poised For A Takeover?

MCV is reporting that, following on from this morning’s news about the company not stocking EA’s March releases, GAME’s shares have dropped 15% to 5.00p each. In contrast, four years ago the shares were worth 296.75p.

MCV has also revealed that US retailer GameStop is poised to take over GAME. However, GAME’s Australian stores are apparently causing a problem, as GameStop doesn’t want to take them over and have them clash with the EB brand.


It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Currently GameStop has said that they do not comment on market speculation and rumour.

Source: MCV 1 / 2



  1. Rumour of a take over might bump the price up a bit. 5p a share… I might be in.

  2. I don’t know anything about Gamestop, their stores, their ethos or anything really, but with good enough service and a more up to date retail model I think it’s possible to make money out of bricks & mortar retailing even if online is way cheaper. It’s all about service levels & the experience.

    • And the immediacy of going into a shop and coming out with a game, not having to wait a few days for it to drop on your doorstep!

      • That’s probably my biggest pull. I want a game, and I want it now!!!

    • I buy almost everything online yet id still prefer to buy a console in a bricks and mortar shop so I agree with you there.

      • Same. Really hoping HMV stay afloat as I recently bought my Vita from them and don’t really want to return it to Sony in th event of a hardware failure

  3. Gamestop isn’t as nice a place as Game (at least in Cork anyway).
    And didn’t Gamestop only just pull out of Northern Ireland and not even bother opening in the rest of Britain.
    Don’t really see them taking over Game to be honest…

  4. I’ve noticed their site is down also. Is everything going belly up right about now?

  5. Gamestop was a nice alternative to Game, might be good if it happens

  6. I don’t see how high street game stores can compete with online retailers these days – online prices are so much cheaper and you dont even have to wait longer to get them these days, with most places either getting the games to your door for day or release or even a day or two earlier.

    They’re much much better for pre-owned games, presumably because its much easier to trade stuff in to a store rather than send them off to amazon or somewhere but its not really a sustainable business without also managing to flog off new stuff too.

  7. We dont have a Gamestop in Stoke-on-trent but if a take over will keep them open, I welcome them with open arms. If GAME goes, Stoke will be left with a CEX and a Tesco for game perusing. Not great.

  8. GameStop are worser than GAME at pricing, we had one in Birmingham, they shut it down it was shocking at pricing games, if they take over amazon will be new shopping place

    • Worse than ur spelling?

      • Ahh i didn’t mean to send that, looks brutally cheeky now, sorry.
        Meant to add… Joking mate. I had actually heard their pricing was slightly better than GAME, but having never seen a Gamestop, I must have imagined it.

      • Far worser!

      • Gamestop are more expensive in Ireland anyway.

  9. Would LOVE for Gamestop to take over the GAME stores if they run them like they do in their American ones (of which i’ve detailed in the previous GAME post today)

    (Hopefully) they would show the Game group how to properly run a specialist gaming store and I think they’d be very successful.

    If they were like those in America I’d certainly shop there rather than online for one.

  10. 5p a share, that’s got to be worth a bit of investment.

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