Assassin’s Creed III Protagonist Revealed?

[drop2] Kotaku have run with a screen apparently showing artwork of the Assassin’s Creed III protagonist. The legitimacy of the shot has been backed up by Game Informer accidentally releasing a similar shot, before taking it down.

Notice the weapons? There’s a bow and arrows, plus a tomahawk, pointing to perhaps some Native American blood. A full announcement is expected soon.

Source: Kotaku





  1. Looks exactly the same as Ezio there…

  2. Rubbish. I wanted it to be Desmond this time.

    • Agreed. I am sure they will keep him as a side story but the longer they do that the more the story is gonna be nonsense.

  3. would Love to play as a british revolutionary, but i’ll settle for a cowboy. thats still awesome.

    one plot point HAS to be Custer.

    • I don’t think you’d be a cowboy, perhaps an indian, that’d be fun!

    • Yeah, the Tomahawk and bow heavily imply Native American

      • But he also wields a pistol and his jacket doesn’t give a very native american vibe. He might have relations to both sides.

      • Cowboy?
        Nope, that’s a revolutionary.

      • That’s what I meant. :)

  4. Desmond has Native American blood, so that would make sense.

    Looks pretty cool.

    • he has every nationality’s blood as it seems.

  5. Maybe you play as Daniel Day-Lewis!? Amazing!!

  6. Pocahenzio?

  7. There weren’t very many cities with buildings worthy of climbing at the time in North America were there?

    • Certainly no castles.

    • Mountains? Tall trees? the list is endless. Hop over small stone walls, scale a Tipi, a straw hut or a horse 1ft tall!

      Can’t wait!

      • more outdoor stuff and some towns had Georgian buildings? Boston was pretty large at any rate.

  8. Just read about this on IGN. Apparently there are some hints (picture of George Washington and snowy theme of the screenshot and on AC’s Facebook page) that it could be set during the Civil War in 1776 when G: Washington crossed the Delaware river in the winter.
    Also, this 13 starred American flag was only used during the years 1777 through 1795.
    The outfit looks really cool. I might have to catch up on the franchise and play Brotherhood and Revelations…

  9. oh well, there go my hopes of a victorian london setting. :(

    • same here, was exactly the same time period I was hoping for :(

    • I wanted ancient Rome but as Rome has already been done….. it had to be America eh instead of Japan and other more interesting historical lands!

      I sound bitter…… ;)

      • I wanted Japan awesome sword and ninja dissappearing smoke bombs and of course the scenery so many red roofs…..

      • I wanted Japan too, but that was never happening :(

      • japan would have been cool.

    • Yeah that was my hope too! Knew it would never happen though. You can’t have everyone be British; who’d be the bad guy then?

  10. Oh, that is a bit disappointing as i don’t think a Civil War setting will work for an AC game. I had hoped it would be in Japan during the Samuri period as that would work. Actually, i thought AC3 would be a Desmond only game.

    How can someone accidentally upload an image? Surely if the pub has sent them an email with the shots saying don’t release untill xx then it’ not excalty hard to not release it.

    • Unless it was all a clever ploy to grab some headline space. I’m sure it was an innocent mistake though, just like all those Twitter leaks and such.

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