Trine 2 Releasing On PSN Next Week

 Trine 2 is releasing next week, 7th March, on the European PSN, That’s according to a rather strange video that has appeared on a Youtube account linked with Frozenbyte. Trine 2 had been delayed in the EU due to some issues that prevented it from passing Sony’s QA. Whatever those issues were have been resolved. I’ll let Dimitri take it from here.

Source: Edge/Youtube



  1. Thank Jebus

    • someone have been watching The Simpsons? :P

  2. please be true.

  3. still time for scee to fuck it up again.

  4. No-one with that amount of MDMA in his system should count as a trusted source…

  5. Best happy dance ever

    • So true. Kind of reminds me of my famous italian chicken dance…
      I think they should reveal information about every game this way.

  6. Oh wow. Love it.

  7. Nice one. What’s the price?

  8. best dance ever

  9. Finally!

  10. About bloody time! There was no reason for SCEE to delay it as the developer of Trine 2 has said it is excalty the same as the US version therefore it should have been. I can’t believe SCEE claimed it was a bug that caused them to delay it as they’ve let some unplayable stuff onto the store.

    I have a feeling that SCEE will cock the release up somehow. :-S

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