Amazing New Fox Engine Shots Revealed

Kojima Productions has released a set of screens that have been created in the Fox Engine. The reveal has been done in a bit of quix way where you have to decide what the real images and what the Fox images are. The subjects of the shots aren’t that exciting, just a standard boardroom, but the shots are amazing. Take a guess of which is which. Answer after the image.



And the answer is….B!

Yes, those are from Fox Engine and it looks amazing. There’s some more shots below starring a horse!

The tag for the images mentions that these images are possible because “no lightmaps are used in the rendering process” which means that movable objects, like the horse, “can be lit so that they naturally blend with the environment.” These images are simply great and I can’t wait to see this put into action.

Source: Konami





  1. Jesus H Christ. These are amazing. My eyes are banging!

  2. Awesome, the giveaway for me was the matt black colour on the back of the chairs. Still impressive though.

  3. I guessed B right off the bat because of the look of the chairs.
    they look bland and cold compared to the more lively original.

    Other then that id say its very believable (but for fun ill test the image out on a sibling at some time other then 6:12 AM to see what they think)

  4. Wow, these shots are fantastic, can’t wait to see a game running with the Fox engine.

  5. I suppose you could say it’s sugoi. I definitely would.

  6. On such tiny pics it will be really hard to tell anyway.

  7. Felt a little heart string tug… that’s the Boss’s horse :’)

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