Kojima Reveals Screenshot of ‘New Title’

Hideo Kojima has released two screens taken from the Fox Engine, via his Twitter.  One of the screens shows a shot from Kojima Productions new title. The other shows off the ‘transparent technique’ via clothing.

Some believe that the ‘New Title’ shot is related to Kojima’s Project Ogre, though there has been no confirmation of that link. The Fox Engine was revealed back in June.


The new title shot shows a man apparently sneaking past a miltary vehicle. In the background it looks like there is either a small town or a base and then some mountains in the distance.



  1. A bit cynical, but it’s not exactly stunning.

    • Test shots from an engine. There would be a lot of post on the actual visuals to make it snazzy.

  2. From the fidelity of that first image, I’m guessing it might be a Vita title. I’ve not heard anything about ‘Project Ogre’ so that might be a really old speculation.

    • you sir, may be spot on with the Vita call!

  3. What is it with Kojima and guys with long hair?

  4. Either that’s pre-alpha or that is a portable title.

  5. mmmm bra straps

  6. 2 new games confirmed?
    – An American back packer tries to infiltrate a military camp in the mountains of Afghanistan. (Third Person stealth game)
    – A 1970’s American couple try to colonise a distant planet (probably Mars from the screenshot), in the hope of saving humanity. (sim game, or RTS?)

  7. ‘Fox Engine’ is their Multi-format Engine? Hmm you can tell lol

    • You do realise that the screenshots are most likely pre-Alpha or for the Vita?

      I’m pretty sure that Kojima is very unlikey to do a shoddy port on either console as i think he takes great pride in his work. =)

  8. You can see the bras through their tops. THIS IS THE MOST ADVANCED ENGINE I’VE EVER SEEN!

  9. I wonder if it will be a spiritual successor to the MGS franchise?

    I know Kojima productions developed the Fox engine for MGS:rising so i can see them using the left over bits from their version of MGS:rising to use in the new IP. It looks like it could be a stealth game and i think i saw the fox emblem on the soldier’s armoured shoulder.

  10. Alright Kojima, Just announce MGS: Peace Walker 2 already.

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