Facebook App Returns To The Vita Store

Rejoice, social network lovers, as the Vita’s Facebook app is once again available to download from the store. One of the apps released at launch, it was quickly pulled, although I’m not sure why (I’m not really a Facebooker).

The following comment was made on the Sony PlayStation Ireland official Facebook page:

“Well we all know you lot are big Facebook fans, so you’ll be happy to hear that the Facebook app is now back on the PS Vita Store, so you can now keep in touch with us here on Facebook while on the go with your PS Vita.”

Source: Facebook (ironically)



  1. Anyone know when the Skype app will launch?

    • No, sorry – didn’t know there was going to be one. Has it been confirmed though?

    • why would microsoft want to make an app for their enemy?

      • They are just enimymies on the game side. Look at Sony computers, what system do they have?Windows.

      • Because they are smart enough to see profit in attracting users to skype? It’s not like the vita is competing against a handheld xbox.

  2. Still waiting for Netflix app.

    • You can get this from the US store if you have a US account – it involves unsetting your current PSN account first, it’s easy enough to do but be careful not to format your memory card or you will lose all your game saves!

      • Much easier just to wait.

      • Does it work with a European Netflix subscription?

  3. thats fantastic, but why the increase price on ubisoft games (rayman & lumines was $42 on AUS PSN and now $52) and FIFA was $70 now it is $80. Which is $10 more than buying it retail.


    • Being Australian you should be used to those prices for games :P

  4. I think I’d rathe punch myself reaptedly in the groin than use face book again. I dont care if you’ve driven a tractor up a cows arse in Farmville. Or that you are invading someone castle for farting in your general direction in Castleville!

    • Farmville has tractors?! ;)

      • that just goes to show how much knowledge of it i have. I have absolutely no idea!

      • Lol. Me neither but you made it sound funny. :D

  5. Shame they haven’t fixed the motorstorm rc problem the many people including me are experiencing. My progress is reset every time I start the game

  6. so that’s why my facebook app on vita never worked. will download today just to see how the interface is :)

  7. Ive downloaded the one at launch. So I should probably delete that and download the new one :)

  8. It still forces us to quit the game to go on FB.
    That’s the reason LiveTweet is better, even though I prefer FB.

  9. Don’t think I’ll waste valuable memory card space with this app.

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