Counter-Strike: GO This Summer, No Cross Platform Play

Valve are aiming to release the latest game in the Counter-Strike series, Global Offensive, this Summer, according to CVG. Whilst it’s not a firm date, it’s a good indication of when we should see the game. That’s on Valve Time, mind, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a delay before then.

As you’ll know, Valve offered cross platform play between PS3 and PC with Portal 2 when it released amongst many other features. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Gabe Newell confirmed that the latest Counter-Strike game would also feature multiplayer between both platforms.


Unfortunately, Joystiq state that Valve have decided to scrap this functionality, after realising through the ongoing beta that in order to keep the Steam version updated frequently, they’ll need to separate the multiplayer, removing this feature altogether.

This all makes sense, though; the PC/Mac and PS3 versions may very well to turn out to be different games, and every update for PC would unbalance the multiplayer; Valve have stated that this will “essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them.”

So, what do you think – are you less excited for the release now that you won’t get to play the multiplayer cross platform?



  1. Not a big deal as PS3 gamers would have had a disadvantage against PC gamers. I was a strong CS player before I “retired,” so I know the difference between console playing and PC gaming. As much as I love my PS3, it cannot compare to twitchy mouse play on the PC for FPSs.

    • Agreed. You’d just get PS3 players ‘hating’ the PC players.
      I hope they do the same as Portal PS3 with the PC format code. That’d be handy for when I finally update my PC.

  2. Man I play CS quite a bit and im still so terrible its a great game though cant wait for Global Offensive.

  3. This is a good thing, PS3 players should never have had to play against PC players. They’d get wooped. Even if they’re rubbish, they can still do stuff console players can’t. I might get this for PS3 now :)

  4. No big deal. Will get it for the PC.

  5. Hmm at least we can play it with out PSN friends i guess.

  6. Is the mouse and keyboard support still in play?

  7. When I first read the title I instantly thought you meant no multiplatforms meaning only available on Steam which I would have thought would be fairly acceptable considering the recent rumours for their own consoles – they need exclusives to stay competitive in this market – main reason I went for PS3 even though it was more expensive, Ratchet and Clank was the game for me. Not too fussed with cross platform play considering when I tried it with some friends, their poor internet connection just meant I was reduced to playing with PSN friends anyway.

  8. I hope Steam support enters into more PS3 games in the future though.
    Cutting if from FPS games is probably a good call though due to the accuracy of a mouse.

  9. will get the PS3 version.

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