Have Some Halo 4 Video Goodness

Finally, after all the little leaks and embargo busting from other outlets, here’s the Halo 4 making of video in all its glory, and in HD too.  It’s a lovely one, and hopefully this’ll be a return to form under the guidance of 343.



“It’s really exciting,” said the studio’s Kiki Wolfkill on Halo 4. “It is a huge creative challenge and you don’t get the opportunity to take on something like this very often.”

“Ultimately the proof is in the pudding,” he said to MCV. “We need to be able to deliver and that is what we are committed to. But that said, we have a huge amount of love and respect for the IP and the community itself.”

Expect a new enemy this time around – rumoured to be The Forerunner – and a return to some old favourites like the Battle Rifle and, of course, Master Chief.  Details are sparse, with barely anything shown at the event.

Still, enjoy the video.



  1. Kiki Wolfkill – best name evah!

  2. Wow, very impressive. Certainly a big step up graphically over previous Halo games on the 360. It looks as though 343 are going to make a good job of this.

  3. After watching that, I can tell that this is really not my thing as I just couldn’t see anything there that was impressive or different in any way. But I’m glad some people will be excited by this :).

    • My thoughts exactly. The graphics actually kind of looked like nothing special to me but maybe I’ve been playing UC3 for too long.

  4. Naame: Kiki Wolfkill
    Nickname: Ms. Badass!

    As for the game, colour me interested in it.

  5. Looks the same as every other Halo game to me, yet another one that I guess won’t be for me then.

    • Was thinking that too – was expecting a bit of a departure after the way Halo 3 ended, with different settings and different enemies but all looks just like more of the same from the videos. Hopefully at the very least they’ll get rid of the bullet-sponge enemies this time round.

    • I think 343 will first be moving in on familiar territory, to ease nervous fans, and then move away towards the end and the next two games. The concept art and some of the stuff 343 has done before indicate that the inclusion of the Forerunners will have a large effect on the games. At least I hope so.

  6. This looks impressive, but will it still feel like Halo and perhaps be as awesome as the original? Let’s hope so.

  7. Can’t wait to play this with my brother. It’s Halo. I don’t understand why it should really set itself apart from the other games. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone with Uncharted which basically did the same thing.

  8. Will be the first game I pre-order since FFXIII

    • Haha, XIII? I can see a pattern here. ;)

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