SF x Tekken DLC Found On Disk

Grab your pitchforks, it looks like another game has DLC on the disk that you’ll have to pay for, knowing all along that the code is there.  And the artwork.  And the move sets.  Just awaiting a download key.  Are you even still alive?

So, it sounds like Street Fighter X Tekken will ship with the future downloadable content already present and correct.  This isn’t the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last, but Captain Internet is up in arms and it’s all kicking off.


Literally.  There are three dedicated buttons.

The facts, as we see them being reported this morning:  SF X Tekken has 38 characters from day one.  Another 12 are on the disk awaiting unlocks.  They are, apparently, feature complete, with models, move sets, artwork all there.  They’ve been worked on and produced alongside the game.

People were paid to produce them.

And yet, oddly, some commenters seem to think that either a) Capcom should lie and pretend they are more than just unlocks or b) they should be available for free.  Neither is going to happen, these are highly likely to be paid for, and they’ll be released at some point in the future.

I’m fine with that.  Why bother my already crappy bandwidth when the goodies can already be there for me to – ping – unlock in a second?  It’s either this, or charging for online, or locking out second hand copies, or eating all your Trophies unless you pay a fiver a month.

One way or another, publishers need their monies.



  1. I don’t know… I could wait for Ultimate SF VS T… or really Tekken VS Street Fighter, but with 12 characters,, they could so something that was famous in the last gens.


  2. *sigh* Sad news.

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