October’s PS+ Revealed, Includes Far Cry 3

Sony have been in touch to let us know next month’s PS+ games for Europe and as usual there are some corkers.

October’s big game is Far Cry 3, one of our favourite games from last year, and joining it will be a reboot of an Amiga classic, namely Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.


The third title will be Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, in which you will delve into the depths of the mysterious Bitterblack Isle, where a dark labyrinth lies deep beneath its surface, haunted by the many voices of the Arisen and deadly secrets waiting to be uncovered. Ooh, spooky!

PlayStation Vita owner will be clearing space on their memory cards for Street Fighter X Tekken and Touch my Katamari.

What do you think of the next months offerings? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Press Release



  1. Not bad at all. I was fully expecting Heavy Rain to be one of the games to help promote Beyond, so Far Cry which is much newer is a bonus

    • Isn’t Heavy Rain disc-only?
      Already had Far Cry 3, played it less than 10 hours so far, so maybe everyone playing it will help motivate me to get back into it. It looked really good too.

      Katamari is genius. It’s the only game I got to 100% on the Vita. Wonderful humor (as usual) and gameplay. The controls are simply great.

      Funny enough, the games I don’t own don’t seem to interest me much this month.

  2. Double awesome haul again.
    I really need to sort out a new memory card for my vita…

  3. 32gb Vita memory card filling quicker than I’d hoped!

    • Same here. Wish I’d waited and got a 64gb now!

  4. Far cry 3 one of the best game this gen if u ain’t played it you need too, fun platinum till you have to do co op & done fool keeps choosing same map!

    Nothing for me tge

    • Nothing for me there though maybe dragon dog but the demo sucked

  5. Suffered really bad motion sickness with Far Cry 3… Had to trade it back in, although as the were out of stock some guy in the queue at GAME bought it off me.

    Not fussed about the rest, except Katamari on Vita will be cool.

    Also, after AC2. Rayman & others and especially last month’s AC3 & now Far Cry 3… Is there any point in buying Ubisoft games

    • FC3 gave you motion sickness? Is this a probably you normally experience or was it just Far Cry 3. Was fine for me.

      • Never had it before. Came on after a short time so something regular breaks wouldn’t fix.

        Strange. Disappointing as I was enjoying the game too

    • Wasn’t there a setting to reduce the “head bob” on Far Cry 3? Or am I thinking of Dishonoured?

    • That’s a real shame. The sense of physicality in Far Cry 3 (along with the setting) made it one of the most enjoyable FPSs of 2013 for me…

  6. Awesome, have been looking out for a FC3 price drop, as I didn’t want it enough to pay large sums of cash for it. Anyone know if the entire game can be played co-op?

    I shall also enjoy Katamari (the wife loves it too) and maybe even Dragon’s Dogma – I thought the demo was reasonably good.

    • No the story is entirely single player. There are only about 6 online coop missions, which aren’t that good in comparison to the single player.

      • The co-op missions are a real grind and ballache. Can take anywhere from half an hour+. It is streets ahead of FC2 though in temrs of gameplay.

    • Thanks guys…may not start it yet then, what with GTA5 and KZ…I was hoping to enjoy some co-op action. I may still play it though at some point, everyone seems to love the SP.

      • I’ll do the co op stuff with you when we’ve got it

      • If I decide to start playing it then sure mate, sounds good! ;)

      • You ain’t played FC3 youles where you been! lol ;)

      • I know mate, one of the few big games I haven’t purchased (as it would just have gone into the backlog)! Still need to complete Metro Last Light, Dishonored, LA Noire, GoW:A, AC3 and Blops2 :/

      • Far Cry 3 was one of the best games I’ve played along with the brilliant Tomb Raider,if you do get round to playing it I think you’ll enjoy it great game ;)

  7. Sold Far Cry 3 a few months ago so it would be nice to play it again, one of the best games of 2012. Never platinumed it though, as the coop missions were long winded. Touch my Katamari interests me as well. Next month will be the month I re-subscribe to Plus for sure.

  8. I’m actually playing Far Cry 3 these days, and that is a great game to have indeed. I’m also stocked to try Dragon’s Dogma.
    I also own Street Fighter X Tekken, but Katamari will be nice (at least I remember it being nice) :)

  9. I have been tempted to buy Street Fighter X Tekken for ages so that is a huge bonus for me. The rest have either been played or I am not fussed

  10. Far Cry 3 is a fantastic game. I don’t have the others & I’m very pleased with those!

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