GDC 2012: Lollipop Chainsaw Release Date Announced

Warner Bros has announced the release date for Lollipop Chainsaw.

The game will release June 12th in North America and June 13th in Europe. The release date was revealed at a special event that was held at GDC, which is currently taking place in San Francisco.


Lollipop Chainsaw is the latest title being developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, headed by Suda 51, creators of Killer 7 and Shadows of The Damned.

Lollipop Chainsaw follows the story of Juliet Starling, a chainsaw wielding cheerleader, and her boyfriend Nick, who by the way only has a head. Their mission is to stop a zombie outbreak that has broken out in Juliet’s former high school, San Romero. Since this is from Suda 51 expect some weirdness.

Lollipop Chainsaw will release on PS3 & Xbox 360

Source: PSU



  1. That’s.. the wildest thing I’ve ever seen..
    Though if their relationship is handled properly through the game as is hinted in the trailer, this could be really excellent!

  2. This game really is quite bizzare!!!!

  3. lol, this looks like it could be a really fun game :)

  4. Want. Now.

  5. I’ve been waitng for a release date for a while now….roll on june

  6. I dunno. Every time I see a trailer for this game I think “At 32 am I around 22 years too old for this?”
    I’ll not write it off until it’s actually out and I can get some feedback but it’s just not clicking for me, strikes me as too “pre-teen wet dream”.

  7. Hopefully it turns out to be a great game but from what I’ve seen, it looks as though it could be trying to sell itself on the wackiness. Still, good back catalogue + great pedigree = high hopes.

  8. Im def getting this. Will be getting the PS3 version instead on 360.

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