Joe Danger: The Movie To Be Published By Microsoft?

You remember Joe Danger, right?  The best selling PSN exclusive that we’ve been talking about for years? Well, the latest game, dubbed Joe Danger: The Movie, looks like it might well be exclusive to the other console, making the 360 the place to be if you want your Joe action.

At least at first.


Picked up by STN, Microsoft is apparently publishing the XBLA version of The Movie, which going off past evidence suggests that – at the least – there’s likely to be a timed exclusivity window here for the 360.  There have been exceptions, but the norm is that if Microsoft are behind a game of late, it’s not appearing on PS3 at the same time.

TSA spoke to Hello Games boss Sean Murray last year – the interview is below.

We must stress that we don’t know for sure whether there’s an exclusivity deal here – we’re just going off the publisher news.  We’ll hopefully be able to confirm one way or another soon.

Thanks, ShopToNews.

Update: post title amended.



  1. If this is true it’s an interesting move forward. Hopefully kicking their PS3 fans square in the teeth works out for them. No scruples on these guys.

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