Joe Danger: The Movie To Be Published By Microsoft?

You remember Joe Danger, right?  The best selling PSN exclusive that we’ve been talking about for years? Well, the latest game, dubbed Joe Danger: The Movie, looks like it might well be exclusive to the other console, making the 360 the place to be if you want your Joe action.

At least at first.

Picked up by STN, Microsoft is apparently publishing the XBLA version of The Movie, which going off past evidence suggests that – at the least – there’s likely to be a timed exclusivity window here for the 360.  There have been exceptions, but the norm is that if Microsoft are behind a game of late, it’s not appearing on PS3 at the same time.

TSA spoke to Hello Games boss Sean Murray last year – the interview is below.

We must stress that we don’t know for sure whether there’s an exclusivity deal here – we’re just going off the publisher news.  We’ll hopefully be able to confirm one way or another soon.

Thanks, ShopToNews.

Update: post title amended.


  1. Middle finger firmly up at the fans that bought the original game that has probably funded the xbox adventures.
    Nice one hello games thanks a lot for that

  2. To be honest, I think the original (PSN) Joe Danger was very much overrated. It was initially presented as the ‘Trials HD’ of PSN, but it definitely wasn’t. The game actually didn’t try to be like Trials at all, but what was there was convoluted, bloated and unfocused experience. I did not finish the game (though I tried!), so it might’ve gotten better near the end.

    Anyway, seeing this ‘The Movie’ version makes a lot more sense, primarily a collection of random situations with very random crazyness :)

    • Got to say i agree mate , of the many PSN games ive bought its one of my least played yet had for some reason had such good reviews .I thought it would be like Kickstart 2 on Sinclair Spectrum 48k but its nowhere near as good as that was , I wouldnt buy a sequel even if i had an Xbox !

  3. Wow what a dickheads. Had no problem with multiplattform but making it exklusive?

  4. May well be very good financial reasoning behind this, don’t begrudge them it at all. Of course I’m willing to wait for Hello Games to actually comment on this before I jump to a conclusion.

    • If its true then greed, disrespect and stupidity are not an excuse.

  5. If this ends up being true I will never buy another one of their games again. Really shitty move

  6. not happy about it if true.

  7. I’d be very disappointed if this were true. I loved Joe Danger, and I was really looking forward to the sequel. Plus I think Hello Games should look at the fact Sony were the only company happy to release their (brilliant) game in the first place. Microsoft are only interested now having seen its success – but they didn’t support the company when they were an unknown quantity.

  8. If this ends up being true then it’s a real kick in the teeth for all their ps3 owning fans that made their company what it is. The already stabbed them in the back with the xclusive content for the xbox version of JD. If its true then I call for a boycott of all hello games until they treat PS3 owners with respect or their company goes bust.

  9. I have never played this game but I am furious since everyone is furious about the hypocrite of this company lol money talks

  10. Its not bad I guess going multi would be really expensive for Hello Games.

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