WeView: Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third was the most mental, ridiculous game I played last year. I, along with many others, perceived it as exactly what GTA should have been: a bonkers affair which turned everything up to eleven and then decided that wasn’t quite far enough. There were some mind-bendingly awesome missions in that game and I had a lot of fun with it.

Peter thought similar; noting the bizarre humour, huge amount of fun and style as brilliant contributions to this great big ball of madness. He scored it an 8/10, summing it up by saying:


Saints Row: The Third has no pretence. It’s a hugely enjoyable videogame and seems happy just being that. And so it should be. There are no heavy plots to become embroiled in, each mission is essentially just a method of throwing you into another zany situation and then rewarding you for getting out of it.

That’s the strength of this game: that it just wants to make you smile. Sure, occasionally the humour is like something a twelve year old might find hilarious – out of place in this adult-rated title – but there is also a thinly veiled intelligence to a lot of the comedy.

Overall, there are much better creative works available for your chosen console but it’s difficult to imagine there being many that are more fun than Saints Row: The Third.

Yes, basically, Saints Row: The Third is a lot of fun. Well, we thought that anyway. It might be different for you; and that’s who we want to hear from. You might think Saints Row lacks a cohesive story, and that’s what you were looking for; you might think that Saints Row isn’t a patch on GTA; you might even think Saints Row is just too fun and people should avoid it for this reason alone.

Who knows, though? Saints Row might be someone’s favourite game ever and another person’s worst nightmare. All I know is that there’s bound to be a few conflicting opinions. We’ll round all of your opinions up next week, but for now: post a comment below, saying whether you loved or loathed Saints Row: The Third, along with your reasoning and anything else you’d like to fit into a mini-review.

Once you’ve done a little review, then make sure to tell us where you think the game sits on our simple, tried and tested, Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It rating scale at the end. If you’re up for doing that then make sure it’s all done by this Sunday afternoon, or there will be no chance for us to compile it into the round-up next Monday!



    Is that not clear enough? I have to write something about it? Damn.
    The game is just brilliant fun, pure and simple. Took me back to the good old days of GTA San Andreas and thinking about it, it’s probably even more fun that that! It’s a crazy game, but all the better for it.
    Easiest WeView decision I’ve ever made: Buy it, if just for the Tiger Escort missions, the dialogue is hilarious.

  2. Tempted by this.

  3. Just got this for my birthday on Sunday. Still struggling to crowbar Skyrim out of my PS3 though!

  4. Buy It. I’ve had hours of fun with SR3. It’s over the top and surreal. There’s various missions that pay tribute to other entertainment. The first two missions alone are so crazy awesome that I really did MOT know what to expect next.

  5. BUY IT – one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a couple of years. It may not have the budget and polish of a AAA title, but it’s not far off and very very well executed, if more games were made this way, we’d all buy more games.

    It’s FUN with a capital F**K from start to finish, it shows Rock* where GTA should have gone – plus the gunplay is better executed than on any Rock* title.

    The only criticism I have is the same as I have on all GTAs and many other game types, once campaign is done, I feel I’ve burnt the game out and have no interest in replay or even DLC. It’s rare a game keeps me playing (Uncharted campaigns and the better multiplayers are the exceptions).

  6. One of the only few games I’ve that I laughed at while playing. Put the game in your PS3, switch off your brain and enjoy the sheer over the top fun this game provides. BUY IT.

  7. Weak story, dubious physics, but none of that matters as the game is an absolute joy to play, very much in the style of the PS2-era GTA games.

    Foul language. Mindless violence. Puerile, low-brow humour – and you’re in control of it all! What’s not to love? BUY IT.

  8. A definite BUY IT!

    Over the top, balls out fun. I agree wholeheartedly that it’s everything that gta should have been, with a goody bag of extras thrown in for good measure.

  9. But it!

    Wandering around Steelport in aresless chaps, whacking policemen on the head with a giant purple cockbat – what’s not to love?

    • ”But it!” What ARE you doing to those gimps in SRTT?

    • I believe the question was “What do you think of Saints Row 3” as opposed to “What did you get up to last weekend”


  10. Get someone else to buy it and then steal it off them. That would keep more in the spirit of the game.

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