First Gameplay Footage Of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

The first gameplay footage (of any merit) has appeared, showing Mr Hawk skating around with a friend for a bit and then settling down to play the game itself.

The game looks exactly as we’d expect it to, although it’s worth noting that it definitely looks like it’s using the control set from the first two games and not 3 onwards.


Not a massive surprise, but the absence of a revert and some flatland stuff is disappointing.

Via VG247.



  1. I really hope this isn’t a nostalgia buster, these types of re-boots more than often are.

    • I don’t think it will be. I loved these games and I downloaded 2 on my iphone. It is still as good as it was, even with the crappy touch controls and lack of full soundtrack!

  2. It looks perfect, absolutely just like TH 1 and 2 but shinier. I can’t believe these big companies are churning out brilliant looking games, like this and SSX, which emulate the old feeling and controls of the inspiration material. It’s great, nostallgia factor definitely sells it to me!!

    Is that OnLive they’re playing it on? And is it me or does Tony look really old? He always did I suppose.

    • Don’t think its an Onlive, just a Black 360 controller

  3. This brings back some (really, really good) memories. Won’t be a day one buy, but I’ll be getting it at some point down the line.

  4. Reconginzing all the areas! I remember you used to get the leap of faith bonus for jumping off the huge stair as school 2 :P Cant wait for this.
    Tony Hawk is getting on a bit but you gotta love the guy :P

  5. Cant wait as long as it has Bam Margera and Jason Lee. Me and my brother were never off this game when we were younger.

    • You might be disappointed – I don’t recall either of them being in the first two games.

      • Neither was Chris Cole or Nyjah Huston, but even saying that, Bam and Jason Lee aren’t in it anyway. The full list has already been announced, except for a couple of bonus characters like Spiderman or the cop, whatever his name was!

      • No you are right Chris Cole wasn’t in the first two… Or any of the later versions to my knowledge (although i didn’t bother with any of the ‘board’ enabled games).

        Nyjah Huston however, appeared in a few of the later versions if i recall correctly (project 8 comes to mind, but that’s about it).

        The cop being ‘Officer Dick’ i presume? :)

  6. No revert is a bit of a killer to me – I have returned to an older game after playing one of the more recent games & i just couldn’t get used to not continuing my combo or doing flatland stuff.

    I think i’ll give it a miss.

  7. I hope they kept the local multiplayer. Would be cool to revisit some of the best levels with a friend.

    • H.O.R.S.E! (I agree with you) Local multiplayer was great in THPS2.

  8. Tony Hawk is looking old!

  9. It looks sooo arcadey, but I’m not saying that is a bad thing in any way. Looking forward to this very, very much.

  10. Wow this is very disappointing…
    It looked like the whole game has moon physics on.

    The original games never allowed you to pop an ollie that high. I see a lot of angry fans on the horizon. The should have left the physics as they were.

    • Are you sure? Ever skilled your Ollie skill to max? I can’t imagine they changed the physics because that might indeed piss off a few people.

    • Was thinking the same. Hopefully the physics are toned down a bit otherwise you’ll constantly be ollieing over handrails instead of on to them!

      • That’s already been made apparent at 0.43 when he ollies from the rail to the roof ledge but completely misses it since the ollie is way to high.

      • Also doesn’t look like there is any friction from the floor. Looks like he’s ice skating!

    • Yeah it definitely looks a bit ‘floaty’ compared to the original ( but I’ll reserve judgement until I try it myself. It may feel okay when playing. It looks great too. Not expecting the soundtrack to match THPS2, though.

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