PSN Store Update: 07/03/12

Oh good, SCEE are sticking to the nasty HTML tables thing. Right, well, in the interest of completeness, here’s the full list of today’s PSN content that’ll be available shortly. And by shortly, I mean at some point today.

Anyway, yeah, Trine 2, Mass Effect 3, Unit 13 – they’re all in there somewhere. I’ll admit, I can’t stand this new format but if we’ve got enough bandwidth left we’ll see you here again next week – same place, eh? Go for your lives.


Oh, and PlayStation haven’t mentioned Journey…

PS3 Games

Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Trine 2 Trial
Trine 2 Unlock 6.49 7.99 12.95
Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension 19.99 29.99 49.95
Mass Effect 3 (releases 9th March) 49.99 69.99 109.99

PS Vita Games

Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Releases 9th March) 34.99 39.99 54.95
Unit 13 (releases 9th March for UK, IE)
29.99 34.99

Downloadable Content

Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.System Voice Arrange Litchi Type-A,B 4.79 5.99 9.95
Dynasty Warriors Next
Original Officer Card (Cai Wenji) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Cao Cao) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Cao Pi) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Cao Ren) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Dian Wei) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Guo Jia) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Jia Xu) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Pang De) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Wang Yi) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Xiahou Dun) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Xiahou Yuan) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Xu Huang) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Xu Zhu) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Zhang He) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Zhang Liao) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card (Zhenji) 0.79 0.99 1.75
Original Officer Card Set (Wei) Bundle 7.99 9.99 15.95
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Noel Weapon Catastrophe Blade 0.59 0.75 1.30
Serah Weapon Genji Bow 0.59 0.75 1.30
Seraphic Wing 0.59 0.75 1.30
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-Order Bundle – Omega 3.99 4.99 8.45
Noel Weapon – Muramasa 0.59 0.75 1.30
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2
Nepgear’s Dogoo Hat Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Nepgear’s Fox Ears Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Uni’s Cat Ribbon Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Uni’s Fox Ears Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Rom’s Bunny Hat Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Rom’s Fox Ears Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Ram’s Bunny Hat Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Ram’s Fox Ears Set 0.79 0.99 1.75
Gamindustri Mascot Free Free Free
Farmer’s Training Free Free Free
Oblivion Ruins Free Free Free
Surprise! Planeptune Octopuses! …And Bikinis. Free Free Free
Mobile Treasury Free Free Free
Nepgear’s Swimsuit Set 1.59 1.99 3.45
Uni’s Swimsuit Set 1.59 1.99 3.45
Rom’s Swimsuit Set 1.59 1.99 3.45
Gamindustri’s Best Armor 0.79 0.99 1.75
Gamindustri’s Best Ornaments 0.79 0.99 1.75
Deep Sea Adventures Costume Pack 2.39 2.99 4.95
Deep Sea Diver 0.79 0.99 1.75
Edible Crab 0.79 0.99 1.75
Angler Fish 0.79 0.99 1.75
Puffer Fish 0.79 0.99 1.75
Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 – Online Pass (Paid) 7.99 9.99 15.95
Mass Effect 3 – From Ashes 7.99 9.99 15.95
Rock Band Network
Blackbird – Amberian Dawn 0.99 1.49 2.45
The Grinder’s Tale – Wrong Side of Dawn 0.59 0.79 1.30
Brodyquest – Lemon Demon 0.99 1.49 2.45
Hyperdrive – Devin Townsend 0.99 1.49 2.45
Shipwrecked – Alestorm 0.99 1.49 2.45
Rock Band
Curl Of The Burl – Mastodon 0.99 1.49 2.45
The Anthem – Good Charlotte 0.99 1.49 2.45
Santa Monica – Everclear 0.99 1.49 2.45
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Ancient Warrior Pack 1.59 1.99 3.45
Revised Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Value Pack 15.99 19.99 29.95
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine®: Blood Ravens Armour 1.59 1.99 3.45


Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 7.99 9.99 15.95
Shinobi 7.99 9.99 15.95


Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Arcade Essentials+Arcade Essentials Evolution 4.99 5.99 9.95
Jewel Keepers+Urbanix 3.99 4.99 8.45
Robin Hood + Monochrome Racing 3.99 4.99 8.45
101-In-1 Games + Fading Shadows


Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Everybody’s Golf
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Downloadable Content

Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.System Voice Arrange Litchi Type-A,B 4.79 5.99 9.95
Motorstorm RC
Elite Bundle 2
Elite Rally Car – “Italia Velocita”
Elite Supermini – “Ozutsu Tanto”
Elite Muscle Car – “Patriot V8 Xr”
Elite Super Car – “Italia Torquemada”
Ridge RacerAdd-On Car 01 ‘Promessa’ 1.19 1.49 2.45
Stardrone ExtremeLevel Skipper 0.79 0.99
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Ancient Warrior Pack 1.59 1.99 3.45
Revised Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Value Pack 15.99 19.99 29.95
Unit 13 Network Pass 7.99 9.99 15.95

Sale – PlayStation 3

Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Red Faction Armageddon 11.49 € 14.49 22.95
Red Faction Battlegrounds 4.25 € 5.19 8.75
Saints Row 2 7.99 € 9.99 15.95
Deblob 2 9.99 € 12.99 12.99
Warhammer Space Marine 13.99 € 17.99 27.95
Warhammer: Killteam 4.49 € 5.49 9.25
Homefront 27.99 € 10.99


Title Price(£) Price(€) Price(AU$)
Phineas And Ferb Avatar Bundle 0.79 0.99 1.75
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Avatar Bundle 1 0.79 0.99 1.75
Chloe Frazer Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Charlie Cutter Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Elena Fisher Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Suited Nathan Drake Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Suited Victor Sullivan Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Avatar Bundle 2 0.79 0.99 1.75
Dead Agent Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Katherine Marlowe Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Rameses Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Talbot Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45
Salim Avatar 0.21 0.25 0.45


  1. I’d love to take a look at the store when it updates….but I can’t connect. Slightly off topic…does anyone else get the “down for maintenance” message when they try to sign in to PSN? I thought the maintenance was over days ago.

    • it must be just you, am logged on the vita.

    • I saw a few people mention it in the ps blog comments for the store update

      • Thanks for the reply guys. I can connect the network after a few attempts. Browsing the store seems fine. Some friends of mine are having trouble…especially with their Vita’s.

  2. Journey, Everybody’s Golf demo and maybe just maybe Unit 13 but…. I don’t know whether to buy this off the store or get the copy from shops.

    • “I don’t know whether to buy this off the store or get the copy from shops”

      Assuming Gamestation still end up selling it, it’s currently going for £30 on their website. May as well get the physical copy so you can sell at a later date should you wish :)

      • Don’t forget about the installation problems.
        Might be better going with downloads.

        Also, the way things are going on the high street, you mightn’t be able to sell them for anything approaching a decent value soon enough.

      • Hmmm…. thanks guys still thinking though lol

  3. Weapon DLC in FFXIII-2…not impressed

    • At least we get Omega. It wasn’t included in my preorder.

      • True – I just get annoyed with all these bits of DLC when I paid £40 on release. I’m gonna stop buying new on release, wait for price drop or second-hand, then pick up all the DLC for the same price. Then developers will blame the second hand market for lost revenue.

      • I don’t understand your frustration. I spent 70ish hours playing FFXIII-2 and for 40 quid that is a lot of bang for the buck. Compare that to some current gen games. XIII had no DLC and that was fine. If you don’t want the small DLC content like weapons then just don’t buy it and wait for the big, story driven updates. What did you expect? New story episodes every month or no new content at all? At least they are making the pre-roder content available for everyone.

      • I’d just like to point out (because i’m smug and impressed with my find) that I picked this up for £15 new in ASDA yesterday. Just over a month after release

      • My point is that for £40 I feel (whether I’m right or wrong) that I should be entitled to all the smaller content of a game – such as these weapons. Why should I have to pay more when the game has only been out a short time? This isn’t adding longevity to the game, its to make more money. Sure I don’t expect to have 3-hour side-stories for free, but for the money we pay we should be able to have the smaller content included in the game. This isn’t a scenario of MotorStorm RC where the game is an incredibly low price with the aim being to add to it for extra revenue, its an AAA title. Same with Dirt 3 – I wouldn’t expect the £7 Monte Carlo DLC for free, but the car horns should be included in the game. I realise I don’t have to buy it, but equally they could have left it in the game. This kind of thing isn’t to extend the experience or an after thought; it’s been deliberately designed to be left out of the game to make more money.

      • Thank you Mike, saw that in the forum – good find!

      • I should add that I’m a big FF fan and want all the content, regardless of size, so it just disappoints me that I have to pay more for these smaller pieces.

      • But, how do you know these weapons werent developed until they were finished? Theyre all reskins of weapons in game. So it could be as simple as what does the art department do once the game is in the bug testing phase before release? Create new skins! And since this was development time they make it a preorder bonus to go on sale later.

      • Fair point. Then my issue is more that they charge for this sort of DLC at all, and not bundle it with other DLC or bother releasing it at all. I’m not tight, far from it, I just hate how DLC has become a way of milking fans/players, rather than actually add any value to the game. £0.59 for 1 weapon represents 1.475% of the total price I paid (£39.99), however given the amount of hours FFXIII-2 will give you, and the hundreds of items etc within the game, this clearly doesn’t – in my opinion – represent value. And I know I don’t have to buy it, but I’d still rather have it obviously, who wouldn’t?

      • See that i agree with, sooner have weapons come with a story pack rather than on their own. Buy sazh dlc and get 2 shiny new weapons free! Or a season pass would of been nice.

  4. de Blob 2 for a Tenner! Tempting.

    I hope they ditch the table format, looks fugly in the PS App.

    • It’s not a bad game, if you have a 3DTV it’s one of the best for showing off 3D thanks to the vivid colours too

      • Going to get it. 3DTV is a dream of my daughters’. Only her and her mother can see 3D.

  5. bet we don’t get the trial of mass effect.

    but that’s not scee’s fault right, ask the publisher.

    i wonder who i should ask about why the several god of war and infamous 2 trials.
    who published those again?

    but they’re not published by the worthless sack of excrement division, aka scee, are they?

    and no mention of journey.

    i knew it.

    i told you they’d fuck it up.

    maybe they’ll even give me the money back for that travesty of a pick and mix sale by the time they release it so i can make it possibly my last ever purchase off these halfwits..

    about six months for either option sounds about right.

    well it does for this boil on the arse of gaming that is scee.

    • it’d almost be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful.

      • Plus exclusives aren’t listed in the main store update. Have faith!

      • really?

        PlayStation Network New Content
        Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only:
        PlayStation Plus
        Title Discount
        Trine 2 100% discount
        Sly Raccoon HD 100% discount
        Jet Rider 100% discount
        Farm Frenzy 2 100% discount
        The Impossible Game 100% discount

        what’s that then?

      • don’t take my word for it, go and take a look.

        they’ve listed the plus content, and not one word about journey.

        maybe people will finally start to believe me when i tell them how worthless scee really is.

      • Well don’t take my word for it either, go and take a look at the ps store. Journey available to download 9.99

      • i was only going on what was on the blog.

        i should learned by now. ^_^
        they lie. O_O

  6. I love this format, easy to read and it has AU prices :)

    • Snap. Well laid out and it changes colour when you hover over it :P

  7. Why does Trine have 2 prices??

    (& no puns about it being Trine ‘2’ either thank you very much!)

    • aww, i was gonna do one about them Trine 2 confuse you.

      but if you’re gonna be like that i won’t. o_O

      • seriously though, the first price is probably the full price, the second one is what it costs after the 30% discount.

      • But that is what is confusing me – It’s supposed to be 100% discount on plus, so where is the 30% figure coming from??

        Nevermind, it’s changed to just the one price now. :S

      • the 30% discount is for non plus subscribers.

      • Wow – Since when did non-plus subscibers get a discount on anything?? o_O

        Is that their way of saying “sorry its late… we don’t have an excuse”?? :)

      • Not complaining btw, just confused as us non-plussers usually get left out in the cold.

      • yeah, it’s to make up for them delaying it for months.

  8. Red Faction Battlegrounds could be worth a try at that price but I’m still pissed at their Pound to Euro price conversion…
    Phineas and Ferb is 20 Pounds but 30 Euros while at the current exchange rate 20 Pounds equals 25 Euro. Why not set the price to 24,99€ instead of insisting on ridiculous price hikes in steps of 10s?

  9. Is that day one DLC

    • oops pressed wrong key by mistake..

      Is that day one DLC for ME3? That sort of thing really put’s me off, not that anything could really put me off ME3 but i might not bother with any DLC this time around. :/

      • Apparently it’s what is included in the special edition, and according to the producer is “entirely optional”

      • Is that the day 1 DLC where you get to play as a Prothean, the guys who are kind of the center of the whole Mass Effect story? Yeah, you should watch TotalBiscuit’s rage vlog about it on Youtube (TotalHalibut is his channel name). He has a point.

      • Yes, that’s why I added the ironic speech marks :)

        His quote: “The DLC, whether it’s day one or not, is always going to be sugar on top, the extra… You know, the extra little bits of content that tell side stories. So even though the character we’re releasing on day one is a Prothean, which is part of a race that’s important to the lore of Mass Effect, his story is still an interesting kind of side thing, and then you get this character that’s good if you want to have him for your first playthrough.”

        Still, it’s always fun to rage about what isn’t in the full game, before actually playing the full game. I’ll play it myself and then find out whether it was actually worth getting riled up about.

      • See thats the problem i had with TB’s rant, he has no proof that this dlc is important to the story, the mission you get could be unrelated. But theyre could be a prothean mission in game allready that covers the story. ( to make clear the dlc mission could be about the protheans feeling of loss and how the galaxy changed and later there could be prothean super weapon mission for example.) But TB just assumed it WOULD be key to the story.

    • actually it’s day -2 isn’t it?
      it’s not even out till friday in europe, i think, at least in the uk anyway.

  10. HOW MUCH FOR THE AU VERSION OF ME3!? :O That is taking the Shephard, SCEE and EA. I think i stick to the cheaper physical version of ME3. I like how they have tried to pass Trine 2 off as if it was already out and have reduced the price.

    Did SCEE forget something? Prehaps a certain 10/10 game that a certain Scotsman reviewed recently.

    EA, you can die for releasing Day 1 DLC that is very important to the ME universe.

    • He-heh, typical EA pissing people off.

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