XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developer Diary & Gameplay

Firaxis have released the first gameplay footage of their XCOM reboot, XCOM: Enemy Unknown in a developer diary which shows off the new, re-imagined take on the classic strategy gameplay.

Before we start, so as to clear up any confusion XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reboot of the classic early nineties strategy series X-COM and is being handled by 2K Games’ Firaxis, this is not to be confused with XCOM an FPS which is in development by 2K Games Marin – yes this is also based on the classic series, but you know how the kids love their shooters these days.


Back on to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, in the clip below Firaxis production leads talk about how they’ve re-imagined the command of an elite military organisation. Fans of the original will be pleased to see the gameplay still relies on out-flanking and utilising the special skills of individuals within your squad to take out the enemies.

There’s plenty of new additions to the gameplay in the form of time units, which limit the number of moves you can do in a turn forcing players to make the choice of how you make use of the resource of a limited number of moves per turn.

Further strategy is added by the implementation of a great looking cover mechanic, and of course all of this is wrapped up in great cinematic style with the addition of glam-cam which brings the camera right into the middle of the action from the soldiers perspective rather than remaining at a distance as is the norm for strategy games.

One of the smartest additions is the ‘ant farm’ mechanic for base building which is almost certainly easier to view than it is to describe, so go ahead, watch!

Source: Xcom.com



  1. Love the look of this, top of my list for the Christmas quarter

  2. I’ll have to wait til i get home to watch this due to work blocking the vid, loved the original game on Amiga so looking forward to this!

  3. This looks awesome, it’s sitting pretty high up on my wanted list. The huge article GameInformer had a few months back was great, and this just makes me want it even more.

  4. “Fall 2012”, that’s going to feel like forever.

    When I first heard they were making a strategy remake (reimagining?) I just thought “They’re probably going to ruin it”. But after that video and those clips it’s moved really far up the list of games I want.

    Vita version too, please?

  5. That’s looking way cooler than the FPS! Bring on the TURN BASED STRAT ACTION!!!

  6. Agreed, this is looking like my most anticipated game for this year. Why isn’t it autumn yet? Stupid linear time.

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