GAME Console Sale Prices Outed?

So we know that both GAME and Gamestation have had a sale on preowned games this week, with some fantastic bargains to be picked up. Apparently preowned consoles will be going on sale tomorrow, according to a poster on HotUKDeals who had it confirmed by a local branch.

Here are the prices being mentioned:



  • BASE MODEL: £29.99
  • 2000: £39.99
  • PSP GO AND 3000: £49.99


  • WHITE: £39.99
  • BLACK: £49.99


  • 40GB, 80GB AND 60GB: £99.99
  • 120GB AND 160GB: £129.99
  • 250GB AND 320GB: £149.99

XBOX 360:

  • 20GB AND 60GB; £69.99
  • 250GB SLIM: £129.99


  • ORIGINAL: £19.99

Apparently the DS Lites and DSis are also reduced but the poster cannot remember the prices. If these prices are indeed correct then I can wholeheartedly recommend buying a Wii at £39.99, if only to sample the amazing Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story.

Source: HotUKDeals



  1. I think the Wii is the most tempting prospect here.

    £40 and see what cheap games you can nab at the same time… Specially Mario Galaxy, Zeldas and so on.

    • I’m considering a Black Wii to sit next to my PS3 – but purely for Zelda.

      • You should grab yourself Xenoblade aswell then! And as I previously read you’re into FF! Last = Final, Story = Fantasy!

      • Thanks, I shall check them out ;)

      • Ha-hum, Monster Hunter Tri best game this gen on home consoles.

      • Xenoblade Chronicles is by far one of the best games I’ve played this gen, highly recommend it!

      • Mario Kart!….Just me then?

      • So many good RPGs, so little time!!

    • Well won’t the Wii U play that anyway?

  2. Great prices & don’t forget pre-owned in GAME/GameStation also come with a 12 month warranty so much safer than buying on eBay, & looking at these prices cheaper too.

    Given they’re selling off games & now console I can’t imagine they’re going to have much pre-owned stock after this weekend which sounds like quite a problem when you can’t stock new items either.

    • 12 month warranty wouldn’t be worth anything if they go bust though??

      • Exactly. If they’re gone in a few months, who becomes responsible for the remainder of the warranty?

        I bought my first PS3 from Virgin Megastore. When it died of yellow light of death, I considered using sale of goods act, and even the guy from Sony suggested that rather than me having to pay the £130 to get it fixed. However, Virgin Megastore had since gone bankrupt, and so there was no-one to claim against, as it is the responsibility of the store, not the manufacturer.

      • I honestly doubt GAME will go under. They’ll be at the HQ making a plan.

      • Yep, they’re just biding their time to make us look stupid.

    • I’m fairly certain the reason for the pre-owned sales are to raise funds to be able to stock new releases.

  3. very tempted to buy a Wii for £40 but still worry i will regret it.

    • if you like RPGs, get one and Xenoblade, then you won’t regret it.

  4. Could do with a £70 Xbox but it would probably break soon after. They should make some decent money from all of this.

  5. Going to go tomorrow and see if this is true. I’ll be looking for a PSP 3000 Blue/Silver/Red at those prices.

    Wii seems tempting but meh as does a 60GB PS3, hopefully it’s super old stock which someone traded in a week after PS3 launch so no YLOD xD

    • Why would old stock be less likely to break? Phat PS3s are still subject to YLOD, as I found firsthand :(

  6. Its payday tomorrow! *rubs hands*

  7. PS3 60GB deal for £100 actually seems like a decent price especially compared to the under powered Wii plus you can play 3 generation worth of Playstation games on one console.

    is anyone going to buy the 60GB PS3 ?

    • Yeh and it’ll last you 5 minutes. I bet most 60GB’s are YLOD ones that people traded in with a temp fix.
      If this is true I’ll ask them if I can see the PS3 beforehand. It’d be nice to have a PS3 60GB that matches the serial number on the box. Mines a refurb from Sony after my original died from YLOD.

  8. Some awesome deals there. I’d probably be buying something even if I didn’t need one.

  9. i might go for a wii, if i didn’t already have one.

    in fact i have all of them, though i wouldn’t mind a new ds if it’s in better condition than mine, it doesn’t shut off sporadically now but the sound in one speaker does.

  10. xbox it is for me, only one of my friend has an xbox and he is all alone the poor fella..

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