Surprise! More Killzone In Development

Jan-Bart van Beek, the art director at Guerilla Games, has told IGN that there is more Killzone in development. Avid franchise fans will be aware of Sony Cambridge’s work on a Vita outing for the series. That continues, with the studio now being embedded within Guerilla.

There is also an unnamed new IP project in the works from the main Guerilla Games studio and van Beek says they’re still working on supporting Killzone on PlayStation 3. It’s unknown whether he means further DLC for Killzone 3 or an entirely new Killzone project. Perhaps we might even see an HD re-release of the first Killzone.


The news came during a talk about the pitching process for new IP at the studio, in which van Beek mentioned how they go about coming up with ideas for new games. During that talk he mentioned a game called Dark Science which was a kind of spin on a steampunk Sherlock Holmes that evolved into a ’70s styled futuristic action cop drama in the vein of the Dirty Harry movies.

Dark Science was specifically stated to not be Guerilla’s next project, it was eventually halted, but it still sounds like an interesting idea. Hopefully we’ll see more of what Guerilla Games is working on at E3 this year.

Source: IGN



  1. Im hoping its a HD remake of the original as I havent played it yet :P Looking forward to the Vita Killzone. I would wait for Killzone 4 until the PS4.

    • KZ4 as a launch title would be nice.

  2. the only way killzone 4 will succeed is if they let us play as the freaking helghast I mean hell yeah F’ng Right

    • That’s really not the only way it can possibly succeed is it? How about just making a top quality shooter?

      Besides, you can play as the helghast online.

      • talking story wise, the ISA sucks & we got to a point where we dont want play with Rico & that dude…make us play from the helghast perspective..

        The online experience is not the same as the campaign

      • They’re all dead remember – The helghast I mean :P Well Helghan is gone!

    • the helghast aint dead, did you not see the end, also its a big planet, they can’t have killed them all

      • I have. The whole planet was engulfed with that green stuff (forgot the name) they must be dead.

      • ‘They must be dead’. That’s never stopped games developers before, why should it now ;)?

      • Mybe they’re all zombies now? God, another zombie game…

      • Oh god no not zombies :P Of course I want another Killzone, just struggling to see what they can do next.

      • @origami killer

        I suspect you (and many others) havent seen the real ending scene. After the credits roll on KZ3 theres a further cut scene which lets just say makes it absoulutely clear theres a sqeuel to come and also suggests something quite cool.

        Il tell you what happens if you like but dont want to spoil it for others

      • Spoilers anyone who hasn’t played the game? haha

      • Send me a PM please lol :)

        @Kirk, the game has been out for over a year, no excuses!

  3. “During that talk he mentioned a game called Dark Science which was a kind of spin on a steampunk Sherlock Holmes that evolved into a ’70s styled futuristic action cop drama in the vein of the Dirty Harry movies.”

    Christ. Genre overload.

    • Haha all thats missing from that are zombies

    • I think you mean AWESOME overload.

  4. I do like me a bit of guerilla games, will be very interested in anything they produce.

    More kz will be day 1 for me thanks, love it.

  5. I do hope they somehow blank out the absolute shit ending of Killzone 3, loved the campaign except for the ending! Was an absolute blast otherwise though I preferred the multiplayer to the single player, was good fun. Thanks again Tony!

  6. I imagine it is Killzone 4 as the ending of Killzone 3 implies that it’s not over. I wonder if the Helghast will gather their forces and nuke ISA colonies as revenge for the events of 3?

    I hope they will make the MP unique and not COD:Killzone edition as that is what it felt like when i played the beta.

    • I dont want to spoil anything for others. So dont read on if you ahvent completed it. But surely none of this was the ISA;s fault. Stahl destroyed his own planet and country, and killed the helghast. There is only a handful of Helghast left now since the whole planet went kaput! Wonder where they would go from the ending.

      • yeah but Rico was the one who nuked it and thus, i would imagine that the Helghast or what is left of them, will try to get their revenge, plus we don’t know for certain if the Helghast had any other colonies.

  7. Love the dev. KILLZONE is my fave shooter and multiplayer!

  8. *Nocure goes to the S.O.P manual of “what to do when we want to continue making money from a franchise that seems to be concluded”*

    turns to page 53

    Oh that’s right: Prequel

    Turns to page 54

    It has to be called “Killzone Zero”

  9. I thought KZ3 was brilliant:P I would LOVE a KZ1 HD with Trophies from them soon to:P

    • Nah KZ1 have aged really bad and can’t see a HD version help it.

  10. Can never have too much Killzone but please make it feel like KZ2! 3 was a bit floaty, 2 felt right & I’ll admit I’m probably the only gamer that thinks so! :(

    • You sir are not the only one. Especially on TSA, most of us think KZ2 was far superior. Aiming included.

      Sidenote: I don’t mind that it’s more ‘twitchy’ per se, it just felt weird.

    • Of course, KZ2 was way better than KZ3… am therefore not overexcited, maybe they can’t make it that good anymore…

      • I didn’t spend a great deal of time with KZ2 & as a result, i found the control scheme etc in KZ3 to be absolutely fine. In fact, i think i slightly prefer KZ3.

        But i know many that don’t that spent many an hour with KZ2, so i know where you are coming from.

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