No Optical Media For Next Xbox

I still refuse to call it the Xbox 720, despite all encouragement to the opposite. Until it’s officially named, I’m sticking to my NextBox label.

Anyway, there’s been some big news land under a nice juicy “EXCLUSIVE” headline over on MCV.

[drop2]According to their sources, which are not named or directly quoted, Microsoft’s next hardware release in the Xbox family won’t have a disc drive.

Apparently, Microsoft has signed up some of its most trusted developers to a super-strict non disclosure agreement (obviously not strict enough…) but the information has been issued in briefings.

MCV says that although there won’t be an optical media drive, there will be some allowance for flash storage so there is still potential that games could be sold on some kind of memory card as well as solely by download.

As pointed out by the trade magazine’s esteemed editor, Ben Parfitt, this will be a bit of a blow to beleaguered high street retailers. Although GAME Group reports an increase in profit from pre-paid cards, the abolition of disc-based software is likely to have serious consequences at retail.

Of course, they might be going back to cartridges. We can’t wait to blow into the bottom of Elder Scrolls VI in an effort to fix our glitching sidequests.

Perhaps more interesting is the news that a 2013 release date for the new console has been “confirmed” by MCV’s sources. That gives further credence to the chances of an E3 2012 announcement, although no reveal schedule has been discussed.

Source: MCV



  1. What if the removal of the disc drive doesn’t mean download only, but OnLive-style streaming?

  2. Well if this turns out to be true the sadly MS will lose a loyal customer, I want to be able to play my 360’s games and I want physical media for my next console, hopefully Sony will have a bluray drive in their console.

  3. Now the smallest, tiniest bit of me interested in the new xbox has vanished.
    Looking forward to the PS4 :)

  4. Where do I start my rant?

  5. I hope it’s cartridges. If we’re losing physical media, it’s a nail in the coffin of my favourite pastime for a whole host of reasons.

  6. Well if its no disc i’m out! On the plus side I’ll finally be able to make a dent in my pile of shame which should keep me going for a few months until they release the disc drive add on nintendo style ;)

    • Maybe all those xbox hddvd drives could be bought back from the landfill…

      • They are actually pretty useful for a tenner. They can be used as external DVD drives!

      • Wasnt mocking the hddvds. I was being serious. Wished I’d got one myself when I had the chance.

  7. I’m going to reserve judgment on this until I have more information. While I can understand everyone’s infatuation with physical media (I’ve got a ps3 collection which is around 125 games – I don’t like trading in, I like to hoard stuff!) this might be an interesting idea. Environmentally of course it’s much better! I guess it depends on if it’s streaming (streaming can gtfo, UK network can’t come and me and my partner haven’t invested a lot of money in a good TV and sound system just to play stuttery games in a sub-par resolution.) or downloads – downloads I could live with tbh (I think PS plus has helped convert me to download content, and I look forward to the games each month from it) but another deciding factor is going to be price – I’m not paying £30 for a digital download, they can go jump D:

    So yeah more information required for me! Not having an optical drive is neither here nor there for me though, because potentially I can see it working quite well. Potentially >.>

  8. I wonder if it will incorporate multi-device gaming i.e. buy certain games from the marketplace that are available to play across all Windows 8 devices (console/PC/tablet/phone) with cloud based game saves.

    I personally don’t have a problem with digital based media as long as it’s priced fairly.

  9. If it would be download only, then I (and most people from Brasil) would have a major problem. If they’d have about 8Gb, it would take at least a day for the ones with better connection. And, as someone else already said here, it would require a 2Tb HD just to download games. Also, what about people who play offline? Would they need to set up the connection, buy the game, wait for the download to finish just to play like the do in 2 minutes now? I can see it working nicely in USA, Europe or Japan (just guessing), but I think elsewhere it would suck.

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