New Unnamed Source Says PS4 Won’t See 2014 Delay In Europe

By now, we should hardly need to warn you all to treat the following information with the usual degree of scepticism reserved for single, unnamed sources. There’s little accountability and certainly no guarantees with this one, but it’s a nice positive bit of chatter, if you’re a European console fan.

CVG is reporting, on the word of an unnamed source, that Europe is set to become a key battleground for the next gen console sales wars. The report suggests that Sony has gotten wind of a more urgent desire in the Microsoft camp to build stronger success on the continent and the Japanese company intends to fight fire with fire – even going as far as diverting resources for a timely Japanese launch towards Europe instead.


Worldwide sales figures are very close between the two current gen HD consoles but with Japan dominated by the PS3, it’s seen as safe by a Sony strategic team keen to protect their sales lead in a less safe region – Europe.

The Xbox 360 dominates US sales (around 40 million to the PS3’s 25 million) and the UK seems to prefer the Xbox too (8 million to the PS3’s 5 million) but continental Europe has historically favoured the PlayStation 3 slightly over the Xbox 360 so it is seen as a very “winnable” region by both platform holders.

This might be lent some credence by the timing of the next gen Xbox reveal, next Tuesday. It’s at 10AM local time, which puts it in the small hours of the morning for Japan but smack in the middle of prime time around Europe.

With Microsoft seemingly keen to make a tempting pitch to Europe, Sony is understood to be reluctant to allow them another headstart in the region. So, it’s unaccountable information but it seems to make a degree of sense to me. Of course, that could just be the optimist in me.



  1. Sounds like a win-win for us Europeans!

    • If they get the big guns in; that means getting a proper store team in [or sorting out the current one]. Yes I am miffed about the store team, but no one wants to see any more mistakes.

  2. I really hope this is true. I’d love to have GTA5 on PS4 this year rather than having to dust off the PS3 for it and struggle to get an online game going.

    Also not surprised by the UK figures, the UK has seemed to be more Xbox favorable compared to the rest of Europe. Wondering if that will change this time around.

    • GTA V?

      • Yeah. At my age (where Roman numerals were taken off the curriculum at school) it’s always easier to use numbers over Roman numerals.

      • I think he’s insinuating that GTA V will not come out on next gen consoles (unless they up port it much later).

      • AG2297 – Since when have you used numbers correctly? :-P

      • Why wouldn’t it come out on next gen consoles? I’m willing to bet everything we have been shown about the game has been from a next gen console, doubt that’s PS3.

      • you’re willing to bet? how much…?

      • My PS3 :P. With the game not being announced on PC either I dont see how they are going to offer even half of what they have said on the current gen of consoles, especially any sort of online functionality. It used to take us an hour to get TSA members into a GTA4 game on PS3.

      • Plus, with the game coming out just two months before PS4 that would be really bad timing and make little sense. How many people are going to buy a PS4 and then plug in their PS3 and play a game on that instead?

      • Have you seen comparisons between their prerendered screenshots and actual gameplay? That looked nowhere near next gen. I would definitely buy a next gen GTA, but not if it looks like the PS360 version. Watch_Dogs all the way!

  3. Please be true, please be true, please be true. I want Ps4 this year.

  4. Would love for this to be true!

  5. The manager at my local Gamestop said they were expecting it late October so it may be that Sony are well prepared this time around – but they’ll need to show the actual console soon if we’re to be reassured that manufacturing will be up to speed in time for a global launch.

  6. Wasn’t the PS3 delay from 2006 to 2007 in Europe due to the blu ray diode shortage, the fact that they couldn’t produce them fast enough and there being less stock?
    I doubt (hope) that wouldn’t happen again.
    I’m planning on playing Shadowfall over Christmas.

  7. There were a few reports last month that it would make more financial sense for Sony to release the PS4 in Europe at the same time as the US, even if it means delaying the release in Japan.
    I really hope they do.

  8. I hope this is true. Sony shouldn’t even be thinking about this, it should be a world wide release anyway. Europe is bigger than Japan and should be targeted more if anything. Lets hope this happens. Don’t care for Xbox, I’ll be interested to see what they bring, but I wont be buying.

    I’m surprised Xbox is bigger in the UK too, funny how generations are totally different. My age 32 most people I know all have a PS3, some have an Xbox, but in addition to the PS3. This will carry on to the PS4 too. Figures though I total opposite, I can only imagine its the younger generation.

  9. Fingers crossed!

  10. @ Adam Garrett

    GTA V isn’t announced for PS4 and I very much doubt it’s going to happen.

    • Why? Everything about it already looks like next gen.

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