More Next Gen Xbox Rumours Surface From Leaked Document

More details of proposals for the next generation of Xbox consoles have leaked thanks to a larger version of the document which partially leaked a month ago. That document hinted towards something similar to the SmartGlass initiative which Microsoft announced at E3 earlier this month so perhaps there is some weight to these rumours – although we always urge caution in these situations.

Let’s have a look at what is proposed in the presentation document, which has now been removed at the request of a New York law firm (all images here were taken from grabs made by The Verge). The 56 page document appears to be from August 2010 and references the Metro dashboard, SmartGlass and the media streaming apps, as well as a variety of physical media, including Blu-ray.


It promises a six times performance increase, native 3D support with special glasses, concurrent applications and, of course extra peripheral and sensor provision. There is some indecision as to what processor set up it might have, with six or eight ARM or x86 cores running at 2GHz with three PPC 3.2GHz cores included to provide backward compatibility with 360 games. 4GB of DDR4 RAM is proposed, too – more than enough for a closed, single-focussed system without a huge, hungry OS gobbling up the RAM.

Perhaps most interesting is the reference to Kinect 2, with more sensitivity and accuracy all around as well as 4-player support for those with living rooms you could park a bus in. They also picture Kinect peripherals in some of the concept art, something that Microsoft has not only discouraged but disallowed in Kinect development this generation.

Finally, there are images and descriptions for something called Project Fortaleza, or Kinect Glasses. This appears to be a kind of glasses-based augmented reality based on WiFi or 4G technology to stream images to the wearer. This is not a product to be launched alongside the new Xbox, rather in 2014 (a year later) and seems to be intended to also be used away from the console, perhaps as a portable system.

Source: Scribd



  1. Interesting that it was pulled, seeing as people said it was fake…

    • It was removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP. Who, coincidentally, are Microsofts law firm…

  2. It’s 100% fake.

    Specs are too high for the price, architecture with that many cores was too difficult for devs on PS3, no way MS would make that mistake now, also 3 x 3.2 GHz cores for 360 games? LOL, never gonna happen, and for $299? No way.

    Also, I can’t see it using ARM architecture at all. Off the shelf style parts will be the way to go.

    Not to mention it references it as the Xbox 720, and as far as I’m aware this is a few years old. I can’t imagine that was the codename at all, never mind that long ago, considering MS’ thing of naming their prototypes after places (i.e. Durango)

    No way, 100% fake.

    • Beat me to it, my phone froze… Making me look silly ;)

  3. Whilst plausible, faker than a fake thing from Fakenham.

    8x 360’s performance with a $50 system on a chip, no mention of known codename Durango… & 50w PSU?

    The docs were published several weeks ago on a less reputable site (Nukezilla) so carried no weight.

  4. ARM bit sounds dodgy but I can see the next Xbox console having highass specs!!
    M$ can afford to make a loss though. They make “free” money of XBL and have adverts on the Dashboard.

    • As a Shareholder in Microsoft (a couple :) )I have to strongly disagree as any indication of a loss would negatively impact share prices.

      At the end of the day Microsoft can’t afford losses as it’s a public company.

      Yes we’ll sell it at a loss but hey it’s your money we’re using so whatever dudes :)

      • They’ll make the lost money back on XBL with advertising and games.

  5. At $299, MS will easily win over a lot gamers, myself included. We all know what Sony’s hardware pricing is like, so if this is true, I’m looking forward to it.

    • Could but it wouldn’t be that much.

    • No chance it will be that price and have kinect. It’s from 2010 a crap load has happened since. If it’s same specs as next ps4 then sony could easily undercut them due to no kinect crap.

  6. Yeah, I can’t see this being true, and I really hope the glasses aren’t true I think that sounds horrible.

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