Devs Talk Us Through Modern Warfare 3 Content Drops

It’s been a relatively quiet day so we thought we’d have a little look at some clever people talking about their cool new content.

This latest video from Activision highlights Modern Warfare 3’s content drops 4, 5 and 6 which are landing for Xbox 360 Elite users today and for everyone else at some point in the future. I’ve given up trying to work out who gets what DLC for Call of Duty since the Xbox 360 exclusivity deal and the Elite subscription made it so complicated.


The new content features some multiplayer maps, some spec ops missions and some snowmobiles. It looks quite fun, if you like that sort of thing. It’s also always nice to see developers who are passionate about their work, even if they are using silly terms like “seasons” to denote DLC support.

Here’s the video:

Update: incredibly, despite giving us a download link, Activision have removed the video on ‘copyright’ grounds. It’s probably available elsewhere, sorry.



  1. Like most ps3 elite members, I’m a little annoyed that we don’t get these at the same time Xbox elite members do, but Microsoft did cough up the dough I guess for this?

    • MS and Activision have a lengthy timed exclusivity deal for DLC that Activision are having to work around with their Elite subscription service. It was all in the info for Elite from the start but I can totally understand PS3 gamers being a bit disgruntled. Best thing Acti can do is not renew the exclusivity deal which expires (I think) with the next CoD game.

    • The only thing that annoys me about this elite stuff is that you have to wait months for the new maps to join the regular roster, even the 360 players are having to wait.

  2. Much prefer this schedule of how the content arrives rather than the bundled up map packs, keeps the game fresher for longer with a continuous supply of content. Looking forward to the Spec Ops, and I’m hoping that in the next map drop, we get a couple of maps from MW2, that would be awesome.

    • Every map form mw2 is larger in scale(mw3 reduced size of maps, structures & naturally characters,) can’t see them re-scaling old maps.

      • I’d still love to see some of the mid-sized maps like Highrise and Terminal make a return.

  3. Are the clan operations up and running yet? Last time i checked the only way to level up was to have elite ‘founder’ members to join your clan…

    • Clan ops have been available for 3-4 wks. To gain clan xp your clan has to reach gold, silver or bronze criteria. Clan tournaments(stuctered like football) would be a good implementation &or a continuous league.

      • Ive been checking regulary on elite to get my clan involved but there is no clan events listed. They available on PS3 yeah? If could u tell me the date and time of the next operation? thanks :-)

    • Still no clan ops available for PS3, not sure about 360. Haven’t seen any for over a week now, and there is none listed for the future at the moment. All that’ available is the Lone Wolf Operations and Events.

      • my bad. elite on pc/browser ops section displays empty boxes atm, as my elite acc is for ps3. however a full list of ops info is displayed there.

  4. Rats, the video’s blocked.

  5. why has it been blocked ???

  6. If I admit that I just watched it on another gaming website is that classed as cheating? :/

    Is all this stuff available now to elite members??

  7. Down with Activision! Screwing PS3 users over, even if there is 1 month exclusivity per DLC, they could at least tell us the dates. We should have got Overwatch’s release date!

  8. Can’t even find it elsewhere.

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