Sonic 4 Episode II Looking Rather Nice

Some new screens have appeared of the next installment of Sonic 4 Episode 2.

They are looking very sharp just now and there is high hopes it will build on the rather successful Episode 1. The game is said to be set four months after the events of Episode 1 and set on the same planet as Sonic CD.


Personally, I didn’t know there was any story other than you had to save dwarfed rabbits and sometimes had a hybrid fox help you out. Oh and there is an egg involved somewhere too.

The game is set to be released on the PSN in May.

Source: SEGA.



  1. Looks nice. Been playing Sonic CD on Android recently and I do think it’s the best Sonic game they made.
    I also like Ep 1 so if this is on the same lines it should be great

  2. Only two zones can be seen on the pictures…
    Given the fact that ep1 had only 4 zones to play, that’s not a good sighn.
    To me, it feels like the Sonic team have dismanteled their disfunctional francise, in an attempt to find the problem.
    Now they re-started with the original gameplay, slowlly re-adding the pieces in order to capture the moment where it will break appart.

  3. Still doesn’t impress with the level style.. Sonic 4 just isn’t true to be a sequel to Sonic & Knuckles its a far cry from that. Wish they could just add more content to Sonic Generations that was so much better than Dimps 2D efforts.

  4. Didn’t really get along with Episode 1. I think Sonic is one of those games I like the idea of playing more than actually playing the game itself.

    • Think that pretty much sums up what I think of it too.

      • Think the nail’s head has been hit there.

    • thats what most peoples problem is with new Sonic’s… old days are not as great as they all think!

      I have a megadrive and cart for Sonic, and the Ep4 gives me the same level of game play. Just a few tweeks. EP4 is really for good at what it is… a Sonic ‘original game’ copy. If you get both versions out, play them back to back, you will enjoy them both the same, maybe the new one more so for the clearer visuals.

  5. Looks very nice. I quite enjoyed Ep 1. Just couldn’t defeat the final boss. Grr.

  6. looks nice, but you can’t tell how it handles from pictures, and the handling of sonic was the main thing i didn’t like in the last few sonic games.

  7. Hope they fixed the sluggish feeling run animation thingy.
    Liked the level design of the last one but got frustrated with that. Just gone back to SA on the Dreamcast actually… That game is awesome!

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