Sonic 4 Stopping At Episode 2

It has been revealed that Sonic Team will not be producing any further episodes to Sonic 4.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Producer Takashi Iizuka said ‘We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users for Episode 2, but we are currently not planning to release another episode.’


Episode 2 will be available on various platforms including PSN and XBLA later this year.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. Well, they are more honest than Valve.

    • Brilliant :)

      • I forgot about that until then.. I’m sure if I keep refreshing the Steam store it’ll appear soon.

  2. Wasn’t a huge fan of Sonic 4 so I’m a bit glad, hopefully EP2 improves on the awful animations and level design… maybe then they can focus on building on Generations

    • Generations was worse

    • Sonic 4 was worst :P

    • Sonic Adventure was worst. Bring the noise…
      I’m honestly not trolling here but I think when Sonic went 3D (Flickies Island doesn’t count right) it was the beginning of the end for our spikey one-time hero and spawned a host of 3D platformers which skewed the entire genre for years to comeright up until the coming of LBP and Rayman Origins.


  3. Reading the rest of the article they go on about making another 3D game, when will they learn?

    • Some of the 3D games where good.. some just fell short from expectation for PS2, Xbox etc and the recent games since Unleashed had great gameplay. I they deliver more of the same stuff from Generations then the next could be much improved.

      Its blown out of proportion really imo.

      • True. All depends which direction they take things really. I loved Unleashed and Generations.

  4. Only just noticed the Artful Dodger lyric reference. Very nice!

  5. Not so much Episodes then…more part 1&2 ??

  6. Why :(

  7. Cant beat a bit of garage…two step…

  8. Is it more a case of abandon Sonic 4 after the second part so they can use the Retro Engine to do Sonic 5?

  9. I was under the impression that they had originally planned a lot more episodes … maybe sales didn’t reach expectation levels? Moving on to something else perhaps.

    • My thoughts too. I thought I read somewhere it was going to be a 3 parter. Ah well.. At least I know now and don’t wait for months to find out there won’t be anything else.

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