Total War Series Coming to Mobile

Creative Assembly and Sega are bringing their much-revered Total War series to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as Android devices. The publisher has given Eurogamer the scoop on the new pared down strategy game developed specifically for a touch screen interface.

It’s a simplified version of the classic Total War experience featuring real time battles in which the player swipes a finger to direct troops. There is mention of XP, resource gathering and troop upgrades but nothing about the more thoughtful, political side of the Total War games. We assume that, given the naming of this release, they’re focussing on the skirmishes.


There is a comprehensive campaign mode though, around ten hours of game time. Add to that the two player multiplayer on the same tablet and this should be a decent game from a trusted strategy developer.

Check out the screenshots below, slightly too colourful for my liking but I suppose concessions have to be made for the smaller screen and more casual crowd.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I’m not sure what to make of it as imo, it’s not suitable for mobile gaming as most people only play mobile games for a few minutes and the battles could take up to an hour. Plus, i think this will be missing a lot of features in order to get it to run. :(

    I wonder if Total War will be ported over to the consoles at some point?

    • If they bring it to consoles I doubt it would be a port, a lot of features would have to change for it to work on consoles.

  2. Looks like bite sized strategy fun, I’m sold! (Though to be fair, I buy.anything Total War related…).

    • Wondered how long it would take you to comment on this. My guess was not very long!!

    • Even a Uwe Boll Total War film? ;)

    • I reckon they could make ‘Amish: Total War’ and you would pre-order the bugger!

      • Hell yeah I would! :)

      • As well as the ‘Jebediah’s Atonement’ DLC?

      • Sold. Name a price.

      • Four bales of straw, two lengths of timber and a mule.

      • Sure you don’t want my firstborn daughter as well? Going once…

      • Stuff her full of corn and that’s a deal!

      • You push a hard bargain, I need that corn to survive winter…. Deal though!

  3. Mmm… lookin’ hexy.

  4. If it’s priced at a couple of quid like most other games on the market then I’ll have a pop at that – looks different if nothing else

  5. I’m a Total War fan and this doesn’t appeal to me at all. I think I’ll stick to Medieval 1 & 2 and Empire.

    • amen to that.

      • Appeals to me as it’ll be good to have a go when on the bus now and again. It’s not really attempting to be a proper Total War game, more like a spin off.

  6. Hmmm, interesting. Not sure id buy it on a mobile platform as I really don’t game on my phone much.

    Looking forward to hearing about this Alien IP they have been working on, they’ve been advertising more jobs for it lately.

  7. Always wanted to try Total War but I’m no real fan of mobile phone gaming. Still, I’m sure it’ll sell extremely well.

  8. I love the Total War franchise. Those guys make brilliant games. I won’t be buying this however as I don’t own any of those devices!

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