Users See Their Xbox 360 Achievement Points Reset

Looks like Phil Harrison’s ninja move to Microsoft is in full effect – he’s deleted everyone’s Achievement points, leaving many with next to zero Gamerscore…

Joking aside, some kind of glitch today has wiped everyone’s Xbox 360 score back to a single Achievement. The Xbox forums are full of complains and queries – rightly so – but it does seem temporary, so don’t panic.


Apparently signing out and back in again fixes the bug, failing that, some recommend recovering your Gamertag from scratch, with the full download fixing things.

Apparently this is also affecting Avatar clothing.

Hopefully this is just a glitch, but – really, what the hell is going on down at Microsoft HQ for this to slip through the net?



  1. i can’t wait to see how ms blame the users this time.

    • Phishing. It is almost certainly phishing.

  2. Must be due to phishing ;)
    I hope for those affected that it’s only temporary.

  3. The tech guys too busy partying with Phil Harrison i see!


  4. They have a Acheivement button or something? O.o

  5. Interesting to see that this happens and the internet seems quite quiet about it, but when Sony forgot about the leapyear (lol) and trophies wouldnt sync, everyone went bat sh*t crazy over it.

    • The leapyear was quite a bit worse to be fair.

  6. Phil Harrison – The best trolling I’ve ever seen.

    Well done :) haha

  7. I haven’t experienced this on my Xbox yet. A friend of mine has though, and he has tried doing all of the suggested things (recover GT, reset Xbox etc). He has had no luck at all with this. Hopefully it gets fixed, he is freaking out as his 60 thousand odd gamerscore has gone.

    • lol, but in all seriousness… lol

  8. Ooooo thats bad *continues polishing trophies*

    • Just imagine if trophies went back to zero … uproar.

      • Your right. So weird how the media say nothing when it’s Microsoft…

  9. Just what is going on over at Microsoft? Nary a week goes by without some sort of disaster befalling the company.

    • And nary a week goes by where the mainstream press completely ignores said disasters.

      • Mm-hm. Jumped right on top of Sony’s shit but Microsoft? Nooooo. It’s stupid.

      • I suppose they’re too “busy” reporting all the wars and politics.

      • Yeah, sadly it seems Sony only ever have problems in those rare periods of world peace and global political stability when the media have nothing else to report on …

  10. Completed the game on the most hardest insanely mad difficulty you must be a GOD




    Would like to know what caused the problem?

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