WeView: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Let’s get this out of the way to start with, I didn’t enjoy Uncharted 3 as much as the other Uncharted games. The game’s story telling was strong, but the story itself felt the weakest of the series and whilst it wasn’t actually bad, I just didn’t feel it lived up to its siblings.

Of course, the world would be terribly dull if we all looked at things the same way, and Alex’s view of the game in our review was somewhat stronger. He scored the game at 10/10, and even had some words to say about it. The lengths we go to for our audience are ridiculous. I mean actually writing about a game? Unheard of. Anyway, here’s what he had to say:

There’s no question here: this isn’t just the best Uncharted game Naughty Dog have made, it’s probably the best PlayStation 3 game anyone has made – and I’m not sure what other praise I can offer.  Understand this: I’ve had such an entertaining experience with Drake’s latest epic that I’m actually struggling to think of any sections I didn’t actually like – and because of that it’s something that I’d encourage everyone to play, regardless of what your tastes might be, so refined is the whole package.  A brilliant, brilliant single player, enjoyable co-op and a multiplayer that’ll last for months if not longer.

What’s not to like?

So you’ve heard my thoughts on the game, and those expressed in the review, but now it’s time to tell us what you thought of it. Could you not get enough of Drake’s Deception, or had you had enough by the end? Did it leave you craving more Uncharted, or did you feel like the series could take a break? No matter what your feelings on the game were we want to know. All you need to do to take part is drop a comment below telling us exactly how you felt about Drake’s third PS3 outing.

Once you’ve formed your opinion of the game, you’ll need to finish it off by adding your verdict. Rather than a numeric scale we use the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale in WeView. Just add whatever rating you feel is justified to your opinion of the game and that’s it.

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  1. I thought the single player in U3 was fantastic. I actually preferred having more narrative over the previous two. It was very cinematic and not punctuated by ‘Loading’ screens which was great, I played it through twice eventually beating it on Crushing and would recommend to anyone – Buy It

  2. Uncharted 3 is a fantastic game, but I feel it suffered from a bit of a lay over thanks to its predecessors. The leap between uncharted 1 & 2 was vast. The set pieces and combat were greatly improved, the story still entrawling and the characters developed further. When this same leap forward wasnt prominent between 2 & 3, the series started to feel a bit repetative.
    The story of Uncharted 3 was still excellent, the gameplay what you would expect, the characters developed to become even more likable (if this was at all possible) and the new game play mechanics I quite liked (especially the drug trips) but because the advancements since Uncharted 2 were less so than those between Fortune and Among Thieves, it felt a bit underwhelming.
    I still class this as a BUY IT, but if you go into the game expecting Naughty Dog to have topped Uncharted 2, you might be a little disapointed.

  3. Very pretty game but focussed too much on visuals, voice acting and pushing you towards the next set piece, resulting in a very shallow game and easily the worst of the the trilogy. Certainly worth a play but not worth the stay. RENT

  4. Loved 1 & 2, and was hoping I’d love 3, but after a couple of hours, I just wasn’t that into it. I was only playing on normal, but the combat parts just felt like a slog. Emptying a whole clip into an enemies head before they finally die really started to annoy me, especially in the citadel level. The fact you couldn’t just stay in cover and pick people off I found quite irritating too. In the end, I dropped the difficulty down, just so I could enjoy the few puzzles in the game, and not sigh every time I came across an open area with boxes strategically placed about. Previous UC games I’ve completed in a couple of days. This one I played for a few hours, left for 3 months, then came back to and finally finished. Rent it.

  5. The Uncharted trilogy regardless of which is better is damn right essential and its conclusion in this 3rd installment on the PS3 anyway is a fitting end to a trilogy that has boasted graphical and cinematic advancements in the medium.

    A greta single player weaving slow thoughtful moments and the now fabled fast waves of enemies are integrated better in this game than the others. They have struck a fine balance between exploration and action. In terms if the main draw which is the intrigue, it is still very much exciting and thought provoking but the villains compared to the first one are a little bland and the big reveal is not as ambitious as it could have been. Also there is a great sense of familiarity yet this is no bad thing as Uncharted is great anyway.

    Multiplayer is revamped to great effect and the support, community and Uncharted tv is excellent. The big flaw for me was the first trailer at the 2010 vga. I honestly thought the title Drake’s deception meant that Nathan Drake would be deceiving his friends and enemies. Turns out as the closer we get to release the less likely this is and I think I would have preferred it to be that way but still these are pointless flaws.

    I could write a full blown review about Uncharted 3 detailing the good and bad but at the end of the day the game is amazing. Escaping a sinking ship? A crumbling decrepid building? A desert city caving in? A plumetting plane? Action, excitement, humour, historical intrigue, fun multiplayer and damn good graphics. Not your game? …. Buy this game, play it..and play the trilogy as well as Golden Abyss…absolutely essential.

  6. Dun-da-da-dahhhhh

    Uncharted was a game that was spoiled by its predecessor. After the heights of Uncharted 2 the third game was an inevitable disappointment. However that’s also like saying an E colour diamond is disappointing compared to a D colour diamond, sure one is theoretically better than the other however both are still rare and precious gems that sit head and shoulders above the majority of the dross in the same field.

    I will say the graphics were a bit unusual at places (WTF happened to Elena’s face?) and it’s a pity they didn’t expand some more on the Drake/Elena back-story (perhaps in flashbacks in the next game?) however those are minor flaws in another jewel in the crown of console gaming that keeps the changes and “What the hell just happened”‘s coming at a relentless pace. Just when you think “I got this, I know exactly whats going to happen” … it doesn’t and something else you never saw coming happens instead.

    So I’d end with the recommendation of BUY IT … then play it … then frame it in the living room right next to that framed copy of Uncharted 2 so you can gaze lovingly at them each and every evening.

    • So I’m not the only one that thought Elena had had plastic surgery?
      That WAS NOT the same girl!

      • Chloe was just as bad. Really strange character models

    • Fully agree about Elena, was a shame something went wrong there…

  7. I enjoyed it… I did…. I think I did. So hard to actually work out my feelings for this game. It IS a standalone outstanding game. Compare it to 1 and 2 and it just didn’t seem to match up.

    However, it still merited its 10/10 tag, the others deserved 11 ;)

    Buy it.

  8. I loved uncharted 3 but for personally UC2 remains the best UC game to date, it was always going be hard to top UC2 as it felt they blew the budget to make it stand out from a tomb raider rip off that was felt in UC1 . I remember playing UC1 & thinking my days this is a tomb raider rip off the difference drake has no large boobies just nipples lol. But UC3 was a good game & we found out things we didnt know like drake’s name & I loved exploring his childhood & wished we ventured more, reminded me of Indianna Jones..

    I don’t think I read Alex review on UC3 but I disagree that UC3 is probably that its probably the best game ever made on ps3 as long as God of war exist no game will be better (exceptional MGS4)

    • Also, you know what was the problem with UC3, they was so many videos about the gameplay, you got to a point where you felt as if you already played the game & that ruined the surprises later on when the game did finally release

  9. I was really looking forward to this before it came out and wasn’t disappointed with it when it arrived. However… I’m not sure why and can’t put my finger on it but it just didn’t give me the same feeling as the previous two.
    UC1 was a bit of a surprise for me, having heard next to nothing about when I got round to playing it. UC2 was highly anticipated and was a triumph. UC3 I guess had too much to live upto.
    I think this sounds like I wouldn’t recommend it but as a standalone game it’s brilliant.
    A simple thing like the end of one chapter seemlessly merging into the beginning of the next – It’s a technical masterpiece.
    It’s not the best in the series but you’d be daft not to get it.
    Buy it

  10. Well, this is the easiest WeView yet… BUY IT.
    Why? It’s story (and the story telling) rank up in the top 5 of all the games that I’ve played.
    The gameplay is somehow better than the fantastic Uncharted 2.
    The setpieces are grandiose, and fun.
    The puzzles can actually give you a challenge.
    The graphics are gorgeous.
    The multiplayer is really well done.

    The biggest problem with Uncharted 3 is it’s pedigree. Does it beat Uncharted 2? In gameplay and graphics, but not story. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy Uncharted 3? Yes, if Uncharted 2 is your only game and your policy is to only buy games better than Uncharted 2. BUY IT (And the other games, including Golden Abyss too).

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