Bioshock Infinite ‘Handyman’ Video Emerges

The Irrational Games team are enjoying teasing us with drip information just now. They have released yet another video of Bioshock Infinite showing off the baddies we can come to expect in October.

The video is showing us the Handyman, a rather big “thing” that seems to enjoy causing a heck of a lot of destruction and generally trying to hurt you. Can’t help think he looks like a bigger brute from Bioshock 2.


This is a follow up to the announcement of the Motorized Patriot last week.

Starting to get excited about this game now.

Source: Irrational Games.



  1. Looking sweet indeed. Preferred the old art style though.

    • Yeah, it just looks a bit too “clean” compared to Rapture, still hoping it’s as great a game as it promises to be though! :p

  2. Not as menacing as a Big Daddy, but i bet it’ll be just as jarring when you first meet one!

  3. One of my most anticipated titles this year. Looks great

  4. Loving the look of this game. Really looking forward to it.

  5. BioShock 1 (patched) and 2 ran pretty well on the PS3. Let’s hope she won’t be let down by the Unreal engine, as it’s too often the case. (Shepard… No, no, I’m not looking at you.)

  6. OK, now I’m really looking forward to this! Never a huge fan of Bioshock, but I played through a small bit of the original but I had to give it back to a friend, I’m certainly interested in becoming a late-comer to the series

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