ThatGameCompany’s Journey Now Available For PS3

I’m happy to admit that I’ve been joyfully bleating about Journey for – well – over a year now, but many readers have said that they didn’t want to read too much about the game before getting their hands on it first – which is probably for the best, and hugely admirable.


But in case you feel like dipping back into TSA once you have the game, here’s some of our coverage to digest at your leisure:

It all started in London when I got to see the game running for the first time, and as you’ll no doubt be aware, I’ve been all over this game ever since. From my first preview back last January I already knew that the game was going to be magical.  I like to think I was right.

And then, in the Summer at E3, I played the game for the first time, followed by extended time with the beta a month later, something which many of our readers also got to experience.

Every time I’ve spoken with the studio I’ve been in awe of their dedication to creating something as perfect as possible, and although a ’10’ on TheSixthAxis isn’t a perfect, our review shows that it’s as close as it possibly can be.

So, please don’t be worried about the length – it’s fine – and relax knowing that this is probably the single best game the PlayStation 3 has seen, or will see.

Hyperbole? Sure, but there’s little else to say.

The game is now out in the States (or it will be in a matter of hours) and it’ll appear for non-PlayStation Plus subscribers in the UK later today, via the PlayStation Network.

I really, really want to know what you think of the game.



  1. Well, I just got my final trophy last night, which felt good. That blasted ‘Companion’ one took me ages.

    • When I got that trophy I played through with the same person until just two minutes from the end – they missed a jump and we fell out of synch. I was gutted :(

      • Something similar to that had happened to me on a few occasions. I’m convinced the worst levels to lose someone are the tower and the last one.

  2. It’s nice.. that’s about as much praise as I can give it.


    • That’s usually fluffy talk for ‘boring’ is it not?

  3. Got round to giving it a try last night. Cool visuals but aside from that I couldn’t really get into it. To each their own I guess.

  4. I will get Journey when it is £7-8 as i can’t justify spending a tenner on a two hour game, even though i would enjoy those two hours. :) *gets slapped by Alex*.

    I believe Journey would be perfect for the Vita due to the nature of it. :)

  5. I think labelling it the “single best game the ps3 has seen, or will see” is pretty Damn strong. And not justified. The game is ok. That’s all. It’s nice to look at, and it plays well enough. It’s a solid 7 or 8.

    • Ah, everyone’s opinion is justified. The people who don’t like this simply won’t get it at all. The people who do will think “wow, that’s lovely” or possibly enter the stratospheric superlatives that nofi has embraced.

      More than anything, I hope it continues to show devs how the likes of Flower, Limbo, Journey, etc., can change the gaming landscape with what we usually expect from a games console.

  6. Beautiful follow-up to flow and Flower, if you played and liked everything about those games i think it’s safe to say you’ll like this too! It’s difficult to rate it as a game because the experience is so different from everything else but it’s definitely worthwhile.

    Incidently, does anyone know what happened the free dynamic theme that was supposed to come with early access to Journey?

    • When I bought it via PS+ last week the theme was already right there in the shopping cart next to Journey.

      • really? Hmmm… maybe it downloaded and installed and i didn’t realise it . ..will check when i’m home, tnx for the tip.

      • Are you sure? I was looking and never found it. People have been asking Javad on the PS blog where it is and he says it’ll be available soon.

      • I doubt you got it, seeing as this was the reply when somebody asked for it today on the Heads Up on the blog:
        “The theme has been delayed but it will be offered once it’s ready.”

  7. Is there a demo/trial? I hated the beta, thought the game was boring and pointless, but considering everyone here seems to love it, I’m willing to give it another go. Probably need to let myself get immersed in it for me to fully experience it.

    • To be honest (and this is just my opinion) I’m struggling to see how the game can possibly be enjoyed by you. Just like footie games aren’t for me, I think this sort of game simply won’t be to your liking and even though there are scores of us on here heaping on superlative after superlative it’s still not going to be for everyone.

      Somehow, you’re going to have to psychologically delete the twelvety-five gabillion articles Alex has written, so we don’t drive you mad. ;)

      • I understand your point Mike, and I agree with you that this genre of game is probably just not for me, but I’m still tempted to give it a go simply because of how much Al (and others) love it.

  8. Thanks for persuading us to buy this one. Really enjoyed it. Wasn’t expecting it to be over so quick, but thinking back over the game I’m glad they didn’t drag it out too much. The constantly changing environments and game mechanics were kept fresh the whole game by not padding it out too much.

    At £9.99 It is missing some reply value for me, I don’t quite see the appeal of playing again other than to make it through without ripping my scalf. but then they give you a new one halfway through anyway! maybe i’ll get a few friends to try it out for some more play value.

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