Journey will be available on Steam in June

Thatgamecompany’s pivotal title Journey felt like a whole new experience when it was released back in 2012 on PS3, introducing millions to an adventure that was layered in meaning and connection. Journey was then ported to PS4 in 2015 so more could experience it, while others could re-experience it on Sony’s then flagship console. Last year, thatgamecompany and Annapurna Interactive released Journey on PC via the Epic Games Store as an exclusive as well as a port on iOS. Well, it is only a timed exclusive and today Annapurna Interactive has confirmed that Journey will be available on Steam from June 11th.


You can add Journey to your wishlist by visiting Steam. A price has not been confirmed but it is not likely to be much different to the £14.99 price found on the Epic Games Store. Almost eight years ago Nofi wrote a sensational review of Journey and you can check out a snippet of it below.

Allegory and metaphors in games of this ilk are mostly, intentionally or not, subjective, but Journey for me is simple and defined without any ambiguity: we all have a simple beginning and a simpler end and are – as the nondescript, universal cloak the character wears throughout demonstrate – all created equal. It’s who we meet and what we do along the way with those people that matters above anything else.

And standing alone, in silence, can be heartbreaking.

You can read the full Journey review by going here.

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  1. Great to see Journey and it’s beautiful soundtrack reaching a new audience, i always thought thatgamecompany’s work was too good to be confined to one platform.

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