GAME Share Price Rises As More Publishers Pull Out

GAME shares are climbing steadily and at the time of writing (8.30am) are being offered on the market at 3.67 pence.

Rumours of numerous take over bids have bouyed the share price. Investment group Blueshore Global Equity have recently upped their share to 8% in the company and have said GAME is ‘undervalued’.


“GAME has a huge number of assets,” it said. “It even owns its Basingstoke HQ which itself is extremely valuable. The market isn’t considering these factors properly.”

“Even if a bidder secured a purchase of the entire chain for £1 we still see the opportunity to make a significant profit. And should administration happen there’s still money to be made at the current share price.”

“GAME stock is certainly worth far more than it’s currently valued at.”

In other news, a leaked memo says that both Activision and Microsoft have pulled support for the retailer, which brings the publisher list of games that GAME aren’t currently selling to Nintendo, EA, SEGA, Capcom, Tecmo and – of course, the two above.

Finally, we’ve heard that GAME have been ‘blocked’ from selling a Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 SKU.

Source: MCV

Update: Posted edited to include the leaked memo and Star Wars SKU news, title change. [ac]



  1. im sure richcub is soon going to be enjoying the inflation of the shares :D

    • Cmoooooooooooooooooooooon GAME shares!

  2. How does someone make money on shares if the chain is bough to for £1 or goes into administration?

    • in that case, i guess you don’t.
      that’s the risk though isn’t it.
      you could lose your money, or you could make quite a bit.

    • you sell before then, i assume.

      • Doubt you will ever be made aware of this before you can sell to be honest. I’m thinking you will just be told “sorry we are in administration and you have lost your shares” while the directors run off to some tropical island with the money.

  3. No Microsoft or Nintendo in game stores is a massive opportunity for Sony. I’ve noticed they’ve kept game well stocked with vita games and consoles

    • Sony can’t afford to be picky but when you buy a Sony game, there is a sticker saying property of Sony something like that.

  4. i have to wonder if some of these publishers are taking advantage of the situation to get rid of one of the big preowend dealers.

    • I don’t know, with the volume that GAME buy in it does seem like trying to force them out of business would be a bad move in the long run.

      • i agree, it would be a bad move, long term.
        but do these publishers ever think long term these days?

  5. ahhh man i hate my Director so much right now was going to invest money into the game share price when it was at 50p and he said its not a smart investment :(

    • It wouldnt have been, theyre now trading at 3.67 pence per share, so you have lost most of your investment, i think the point is that if you buy now they could potentially improve if a buy out is announced. Thats IF, Of course you could lose your cash. But that the risk you take.

      • Bare in mind theyre being offered at 3.67pence, NOT 367 pence (£3.67). I presume thats where the confusion has arisen.

    • It wasn’t trading at 50p, it 0.5p (well actually it was 0.76p because of the way the stockmarket works). Shares listed in the London Stock Exchange are listed in pennies, not pounds. So yeah, if you sold right now you’d be up 2.74p per share (or 332%).

  6. Still early days….

  7. Activision? Does that mean no Diablo 3 CE I’ve had pre-ordered for ages!?! DAMN!!!!!

  8. So does this mean that new MS published games will not be sold by Game – as has heppened with EA/Mass Effect 3?

    I assume hardware is under a different agreement to software as this suggests the only consoles that’ll be on offer through game will be Sony’s before too long.

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