Microsoft Mention Next Gen Xbox

In days gone by we had to be quick and grab screenshots of screw ups, but now thanks to Google Cache any leaks are kept for a little bit longer.  Take this job listing for example – although the original page has now vanished, Google Cache still has it.

The listing in question was posted by Microsoft, and is for a Senior Software Development Engineer. That’s not all that interesting, except for the following extract (emphasis my own):


The ISS Console Multimedia Team, responsible for designing and developing the next generation console, is looking for a highly motivated and skilled audio developer.

If you love gaming, game audio and music, then join us as an integral part of the team tasked to revolutionize audio for the next generation of Xbox.

Primary responsibilities will include development of the core audio stack for the next generation Xbox console.

Quite how Microsoft are going ‘revolutionize audio’ remains to be seen, but nevertheless it seems to be on their to-do list for the next Xbox.

Clever old Mr. Superannuation has also spotted that Forza developers Turn 10 are busy working on something Next Gen.

Source: Superannuation



  1. Wonder if we will hear anything at E3.

    • MS have told Wotta that they wont be giving any more interviews till E3… wonder why..

      • They have nothing to talk about, presumably.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me at all if MS and Sony bring nothing new to the table at E3 regarding their next gen projects.

  2. E3….I expect to see new tech from everyone, with release dates in 2014….

  3. I don’t get the massive excitement for all of these things.
    Anybody with half a brain cell knows that both Sony and MS are working on their next-gen consoles. They probably started pretty much as soon as their last consoles hit the market. So this just confirms what everyone already knows.
    Information regarding specs, release date, launch titles, things like that, THAT would be newsworthy. But this? It’s the equivalent of saying “Microsoft mention more Kinect games in development”. Really? No way!!!

  4. It’ll be interesting enough to see when it arrives but I’m in no hurry for it to do so.

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