Rumour: Shenmue (And Shenmue II) Finished And Ready

The rumours surrounding a HD remake of Shenmue?  They’re true, apparently.

Speaking to Gamerzines, our old favourite – the source – states that both the original and the sequel are “real”, “finished” and have been so for “well over a year”.

Not that this should have too much of a shock value, the first game showed up on PartnerNet back in 2010 but was quietly brushed under the carpet.

According to the rumour here, though, SEGA are currently sitting on the two remakes until the company decides what it’s doing about a third Shenmue game.

Similar to what happened with ICO and Shadow, presumably, although chances that The Last Guardian appearing now are probably on par with Shenmue III.



  1. Nice!

  2. I thought Yu Suzuki’s AM2 Company had the rights to Shenmue

  3. Just release Shenmue I & II already!

  4. Excellent….

  5. Sounds good, I can’t expect it wouold be too tricky for them to knock out the third chapter of Shenmue given that it wouldn’t differ too much from the Yakuza engine and supposedly it was written as a trilogy in the first place.

    • The shenmue engine is quite different from the Yakuza engine. The camera in Yakuza is generally static. The camera in Shenmue is behind the player.

      • Camera in Yakuza is always behind the character too (well, can’t speak for the first couple, but in 3 & 4 for certain) apart feom specific situations, like running down certain streets that lead somewhere else, or when running up certain stairs.

  6. Shenmue is one of those games that I’ve always wanted but never was able to. This is exciting I really hope Sega release a new Dreamcast collection style thing since the last was quite disappointing. So if they did and it included Shenmue+2, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set and Sonic Adventure 2 and its a defiant purchase.

    • that would be about a million percent better than the last DC collection.

  7. they’re deciding if they’re going to release the third one before releasing the first two?
    yeah, that sounds smart. o_O

    you what might be even smarter?
    sticking your finger in an electric socket.
    even smarter than that though would be releasing those two and then seeing if there’s public interest in the series.

    but why would they ever do something like that?

    • …because Sega’s marketing Section is silly.

    • I guess if they decide on making a third one, they’d want to build up hype for it by releasing the HD remakes at clever times. Like if they were to have a surprise reveal of Shenmue 3 at E3, they could release Shenmue 1 HD at the same time, it would build hype and they’d sell a ****ton of the original.

      Though yeah, I’m surprised that they haven’t at least released Shenmue 1 to test the waters.

      • We are talking about a company that thought the 32x was a good idea

  8. I never played Shenmue II. I WANT TO PLAY SHENMUE II!!!!

    • one of the best if not “the” best games I’ve ever played

  9. I’d rather see a current generation 3rd game for this. What about that Skies of Arcadia remake, hm?

    • A-ha, rather mis-read the blurb there. Still, hopefully a 3rd game will see the light of day but if they remake the first two, I can’t help but feel it might put more people off. I personally feel like it’ll have aged terribly.

  10. Sega do realise that the HD remakes of Shenmue would make them a ton of cash. Right? Just release them and see if people want a 3rd game, if not then it answers that question. It may not look at it’s best when they do release it as it could be years.

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