What We Played #44

What have robots ever done to us? From the early days of gaming with titles like Robotron through to recent releases like Binary Domain as gamers we seem to be in constant training to blow their little tin heads off.

Kris has been continuing that tradition this week with Shoot Many Robots a game which, to re-use an already overused meme, does exactly what it says on the tin. He tells me it’s very silly and quite good fun. When not shooting many robots he’s ensuring that the equally implausible situation of Brighton and Hove Albion being successful in their footballing endeavours continues in FIFA 12.


I have to hold my hands up and admit to not having played any Journey in the last few days. Even MotorStorm RC has been temporarily cast aside. All I have played except for my regular bout of Gran Turismo 5 online is Mass Effect 3.

Whenever I’ve been able to scare up a spare half hour I’ve put a couple of hours into saving the galaxy. The game, especially running on the PS3, isn’t flawless but it is brilliant. It’s great to be back with characters I’ve spent a couple of hundred hours with in a galaxy I’ve spent that time shaping.

Mass Effect 3 is not afraid of repeatedly dishing up little versions of Star Trek’s Kobayashi Maru test. Time and again the game presents you with decisions that have no happy outcome, you are essentially ordering or consigning one person or another, or one group or another to certain death.

There are already far too many names on my Normandy’s memorial wall that I would much rather not be on there. The game’s not an easy ride if you’re willing to invest emotionally in the characters and have done over the series’ previous two entries but what a ride it is.

Dan has also been playing “lots and lots” of Mass Effect 3. His three-word verdict: “I love it!” That’s despite, like me, stumbling across the game’s technical problems on PS3. He tells me that the only issue he has with the game is its “weird” ending. When not saving the galaxy he’s been soaring through Kid Icarus: Uprising for review.

Following his efforts, including three all-night stints, to write Mass Effect 3’s review for us as timely as he could considering our review code didn’t unlock until release day Blair understandably has nothing more to say on the game this week. He has found time since to have “a lot of fun” with MotorStorm RC’s “very good” new DLC and have a play around with the Hungry Giraffe minis title which “annoyingly doesn’t work on the PS Vita”.

Alex is still playing Journey. You’ve picked up on the subtle subtext that’s been running on TSA lately that he thinks it’s pretty good, right? When not surfing the dunes he’s been playing new old favourite Lumines on his PS Vita, completing the games Voyage mode. When those two games haven’t met his need for violence and destruction he’s been playing some Twisted Metal.

Putting forth the controversial viewpoint, at least among The Tower’s other residents, that Journey is simply “nice” Tuffcub has been using the plenty of non-Journey time has has to play X-Men Destiny, Super Stardust Delta, Frobisher Says, Blur, Killzone 3 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

If you think Chris has probably been playing nothing but Warhawk/Starhawk you’d only be a third right this week:

I’ve mainly been playing Starhawk beta, cramming in as much game time as possible before the beta ends at the end of the month. I’m loving the new map Planet Dust, it’s huge and allows you a lot more time away from the action to be even more tactical.

Civilization Revolution has also grabbed my attention again, I love this game so much. It’s a brilliant example of how the genre can work on consoles and the fact it’s been simplified slightly from it’s feature-laden PC cousins means there’s just less filler, and what’s left is all the good stuff.

Have been thoroughly astounded by Journey, Flower is one of the best games I’ve ever played and Journey is right up there too, I’ve played through it three times now and I can’t wait to play through it again.

Finding opportunity in another’s downfall Aran handed over £20 in GAME to pick up Bioshock 2, Homefront, Hawx, Alpha Protocol, Prince of Persia and Red Faction: Guerrilla. Hawx has singularly failed to produce the excitement necessary to induce metaphorical G-LOC. Alpha Protocol is “quite fun”. While Homefront’s “brutal story and atmosphere” did manage to “strike an emotional chord”.

The fun to be found in Red Faction: Guerrilla by driving through buildings to see what happens just doesn’t get old, nor does using remote charges to drop their edifices on unsuspecting EDF troops. His highlight of the games though, with Prince of Persia still unplayed, is Bioshock 2: the excitement of his return to Rapture leaving him “more excited for Bioshock Infinite than any teaser trailer has”.

Have you been Journeying, galaxy-saving or bargain-hunting?



  1. You cheeky little git, slagging off my beloved Albion.

    • I’m just jealous your club’s not in administration. I follow Pompey and Rangers to satisfy my bi-national blood. :-(

      • Pompey AND Rangers? Jesus that is unlucky *cough*2-0*cough*

  2. Played a little Amalur this week but my focus then shifted to Wipeout 2048, Motorstorm RC, Super Stardust Delta, Prinny, Can I Really Be The Hero? and the Vita demo of Rayman Origins. Haven’t even touched Lumines: Electronic Symphony yet…

  3. “Whenever I’ve been able to scare up a spare half hour I’ve put a couple of hours into saving the galaxy.”

    So, is it half an hour or two hours? I’m confused. :P

    • I only plan to play for half an hour…

  4. It has been Rayman Vita all week for me. Loving the game, looks fantastic and its quite challenging. Apart from MoH last night I have barely touched my PS3, the Vita is perfect for me at the moment.

  5. Wipeout 2048 – AWESOME game, can’t believe I wouldn’t have bought this, thank God it was free when I topped up £5 on my Vodafone mobile internet! A gem that I could have missed!

    Killzone 3 – why haven’t I played multiplayer more often? Enjoyed it so much more than MW3 (which I have been a big fan of). Picked up the last multiplayer trophies required for the Platinum, ready for my co-op and Veteran playthrough.

    Brink – got the last Gold trophy for 100%.

    MotorStorm RC – currently working through the DLC…almost done.

    Escape Plan – 100%’d yesterday at work. Only died 6 times on my clean walk through and a couple of those weren’t really my fault (stupid unresponsive touch screen)!

    FIFA 12 – had and epic el clasico match with my house-mate last night. 4-3 final score to me. Ozil scoring a beauty in the 120th minute!! We had previously scored goals in the 87th minute, and twice in the 90th. It really was one of those rememberable gaming times and we were jumping up and down in the living room – overly competitive and childish. But brilliant!

    • …and Gatling Gears (100% wohoo!!), MW3, Trine 2 and Journey (slightly overrated, sorry)!

    • Killzone 3 online is awesome. Haven’t ever had the need to get into another multiplayer shooter and probably won’t until KZ4 comes out :)

      • You two always have the longest What we played to read, love reading them both :L

      • It really is. I played MW3 for about 15 minutes and was sick of getting killed by sniper rifles in CQ, and just thought this is so annoying/unbalanced/unrealistic – auto aim and being able to sprint around with a sniper rifle. Then I fired up KZ3 and haven’t missed MW3 at all. The various classes are pretty balanced too. Hopefully I’m not too late to the MP party and there will be some TSA meets still :)

      • @OK – it’s our favourite! :) To be fair, for the first 8 weeks of the year all I played (pretty much) was Bioshock 2, but now I can ramble on about all sorts of stuff I’ve played ;)

        I heard you had fun on MoH last night. I hope to join the next meet as McProley has picked me up a copy!

      • Killzone 3 is the only shooter I have and ever got into, I tried MW2 never liked it, loved BF2 but K3 always had my heart even though K2 is more solid and better online I think working hard to get medic, technician etc

      • Perhaps squad-up with you for a game over the weekend if you fancy it? Should be online tonight and Sunday night.

      • yeh am up for it.. I should be online tonight if am on just hit me up & we tango lol

      • I suppose you can ramble on then :P Did you ever get the platinum on it?
        Yeah MoH was good :)

      • Good plan ;) McProley should be on too, good team building ahead of Monday’s Metal Gear Meet!

      • Give me a shout for KZ3 too if you need a few more online players

      • @OK – we don’t need players, but would enjoy a larger squad for sure! ;) Will message you both later!

        I’ve not Platinumed KZ3, but I’ve made sure its possible by getting all the MP trophies this week!!

      • Ok no probs :L I meant Bioshock 2 :P

      • Oh!! Silly me. Not yet, I just need to finish the last 3 levels on Hard to get the last bronze, and subsequent Platinum. (It was the multiplayer that was taking a long time). However Vita etc has stopped me from doing that. Whenever I fancy my next Platinum I’ll just jump on for a couple of hours and finish it!

      • ahh nearly there though, bronze for hard completion is a joke!

      • My thoughts exactly!!

      • To be fair, hard isn’t really that hard! I did it first playthrough pretty damn easily :)

      • Yeah, its not too hard – but when you consider you can Platinum (and get 11 golds) for not even completing half of Trine 2, it could have at least been a Silver! :)

  6. Skyrim (I want to pullther plug on my character after 100 hours but just can’t…) and Magic 2012 (unlocking cards from the last two DLC’s and whipping butt with them online). Just bought Flower for the first time,so that will be this evening for a few hours; and ME3 still calls to me from the shelf of Blockbuster….

    • Flower is brilliant mate. Enjoy!

  7. Not a lot of gaming for me this week unfortunatley.

    Picked up a copy of Unit 13 on Friday so have put a few hours into that. It’s good but not a keeper so I would imagine I will swap it for the Jak and Daxter HD Collection this weekend.

    Put another hour into my Mass Effect 2 save – Just not gripping me in the same way it did when I played it last year. Still, given ME3’s crappy ending, I won’t be rushing out to get a copy of that until a huge price drop, giving me bags of time to get my ME2 save just right.

    I also picked up Killzone2 and Smackdown vs Raw 2010, as well as Big Brain Training for the Mrs. Came to just over £4 from GAME so I might check these out over the weekend if I get chance :)

  8. Been playing unit 13, hardly touched my ps3 this week. Bought Mototrstorm RC, waste of my money to be honest you lot must be playing a different game from me, the controls suck big time. If I could get a refund I would have returned it.

    This weekend double XP killzone 3 so will be on that & some Mass effect, haven’t really played the story that much the online is hooking me

    • “This weekend double XP killzone 3”
      Oooo, excellent. I’ll make sure to put a few hours in then :D

    • Agreed – just cant get hang on the controls. It’s wrong.

  9. Been playing Wipeout 2048. Damn that is a good game. Completed the 2050 season last night. Also playing Uncharted:Golden Abyss. And Bioshock 2.

    • Not sure if you saw my message the other day but Mundham (TSAer) is working through Bioshock 2 multiplayer if you wanted a player to team up with – makes it more fun!

      And I started Wipeout this week…watch out for some slow times! :(

      • Nice, I must have missed it. Will see if he is up for it. Cheers Youles.

        Ha Mine are slow too but I did get 63rd fastest in the world the other day on one race. Def a one off though.

      • Lol, perhaps mine will glitch and I’ll get a quick time on one circuit!

        Oh, and if you need help with any of the BS2 MP DLC trophies let me know. McProley and I both have 2 PS3s, each with the DLC on, and you only need 4 people to start a game of ADAM Grab!

      • That sounds good. Will let you know.

      • Hi I’m up for Bioshock 2 MP over the weekend. Plan on being on tonight and Saturday night, if you see me online and wanna play let me know.

        @kJkg – i’ll send you a friend request.

  10. Started Uncharted GA on the Vita, Platinumed Trine 2, a bit of Escape Plan & some Motorstorm RC.

    • How long did your Trine 2 platinum take to get? I got mine yesterday and I’m only halfway through the game! Bit disappointing really, but a great game nonetheless. Trine was much harder to plat.

      • I’m slightly let down by it too. And the trophy list is awful and those things don’t usually bug me.

      • Not very long. Have only played till the moment you meet the carnivourous plants (stage 7).

      • Yeah, i agree about teh trophy list – Whilst it doesn’t lack imagination, it does lack the imagination put into the trophies of the first game & all (or mostly) golds just feels like a bit of a cop out.

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