Max Payne 3 New York Screenshots Released

Rockstar has released four new screenshots for Max Payne 3. These shots show Max Payne exchanging shots and fighting enemies in New York City. These are shots taken from the single player campaign and, since it’s New York, it could be for a flashback mission.

Max Payne 3 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 18th, while PC gamers will get the game on June 1st.

Source: Press Release



  1. Reminds me of the awful film.

    • NOT that I mean it looks bad, of course.

  2. Preety.

  3. Got high hopes for this, hopefully it can stimulate the cover based shooter beyond – find cover & shoot out – move 2 yards – find cover & shoot out – move 2 yards – find cover & shoot out, that I felt U3 fell into.

    • I dunno why I botehr sometimes.. – Going in to cover is a very bad idea in MP3

    • Yeah, high hopes here too, got my fingers crossed and everything. Dunno if you played the others CC but imo Max has never really been about the cover, it’s the diving and bullet time that keeps you from taking damage rather than hiding a la gears etc. It’s all very “heroic bloodshed” and should be a breath of fresh air.

      In my head Payne sits closer to Batman than Gears/uncharted due to the way you try to flow from one opponent to the next whilst looking as jaw droppingly cool as possible.

  4. Judging by the position of the empire state and Chrysler buildings in the first screen, it looks like the shoot out is set on a roof top in the meat packing district [/NY Geek]

  5. We still have 60 long days to go :(

  6. Looks Nice

  7. Nice! I’m a bit happier about the change of scenery now they’ve tied it in to the original games this strongly. Rockstar have really turned me around on this one and now I’m very much looking forward to it.

  8. Hope it’s good

  9. Is it me or could you just take those shots and use them for any generic action film? As it reminds me of them.

    I like how detailed the damage done by the bullets is as most games are just happy to have the bullet hole display only. It gives MP3 a more realistic feel. Darn it, i’m starting to become interested in this and my current backlog is very long.

  10. Why do games companies still put out screenshots of in game videos? Oh yes, I know why, because they normally look so much better than the actual gameplay clips.
    [must replace cynical head with happy head today]

    • Been quite a few vid clips

      Most graphics look good in motion but they arguably fall down in screenies when you notice things like jaggies, dodgy shadowing, low res textures etc but not here

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