BBC iPlayer Hits Xbox LIVE Today

The BBC has announced that their iPlayer app will be available for all Xbox LIVE members, for free, starting from today.  It’ll feature Kinect control, and content from BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC HD, BBC News, CBBC, CBeebies and BBC Parliament.

Programmes and on-demand general manager, Daniel Danker, had the following to say:


“Xbox is hugely successful in the UK. Given the BBC’s goal to reach its entire audience, I’m particularly excited that the BBC will be bringing iPlayer to all Xbox users at no extra cost as part of Xbox LIVE’s free membership.”

Microsoft also promise more applications.  “We’ve got a pipeline of new stuff that’s going to be available,” said project manager Pav Bhardwaj.  “Can’t share any of it unfortunately. But there are some exciting applications and entertainment experiences that are coming.””



  1. Sony would like to welcome Microsoft’s XBOX to catch-up TV.
    [see what I did there?]

  2. anyone have any ideas why i cant get any of the box apps to work on my dashboard…
    keeps signing me out of live when i fire them up?

  3. Can see BBC Parliament and CBeebies being very popular on the Xbox.

    • Yeah, but then you have the tough decision of which one to watch!

      • Well since one is lacks any real substance and is filled with puppets, I’ll probably stick Cbeebies on for the little ‘un.

    • I used to watch a bit of BBC Parliament. It’s a lot like my old school playground.

  4. As long as they are also for FREE MEMBERSHIP too after all facebook should be free as it is a FREE service naturally. This is why BBC said they want ALL users to have the iplayer as it is a FREE service they provide.

    This is why PC & PS3 is the stronger platform, you dont have to be screwed by Microsoft for gaming online and pay to use FREE SERVICES under a rather UNNECESSARY expensive subscription! It should be outlawed!

    • There’s nothing free about the iPlayer, it’s funded via £140+/yr tv tax, which although I get personal good value out of, it most certainly isn’t free. As I’ve already paid for BBC content it is quite right that it shouldn’t be hidden behind someone else’s paywall.

      Facebook, Microsoft & others can do what the hell they like because their funding situation is nothing like a tax.

    • IIRC the beeb actually said that it would violate the licence agreement or their constitution to charge twice for their content, it’s not that it’s free, it’s already paid for.

      • I do find the sheer volume of advertising on XBox live rather galling though when I pay 35 quid a year (or whatever) for my subscription. It feels like I am paying for the privelige of having uninvited salesmen invade my home and if I’ve paid for the service I should damn well have the option to switch off adverts.

  5. i’m watching it now.
    it works pretty well, and you can get hd programs too, something i don’t think the ps3 iplayer does.

    i think i might be getting a bit of use out of it.

    i’m glad ms relaxed their gold only policy for this, it’d be nice if they let silver users access some of the other apps though.
    but i doubt they will, they only did it for this because they wouldn’t have got it otherwise.

    still, finally something i can use. ^_^

    • Ps3 iplayer has played hd for ages….

      • really? cool.
        i don’t think it did last time i used it, i can’t remember how long ago that was, if it does now, i might start using it on ps3 again then.

  6. I’m still surprised that MS actually agreed to let everyone access it on the 360 given their reputation. I can see the kinect control being awakard and a lot of fights between gamers and the wife/girlfriend.

    • it was either that or they didn’t have it, and for once, ms chose to forego pushing gold subs in favour of getting a feature everybody can use.

  7. Really miss the BBC since moving to the US.

    Makes me realise that it was actually very good, either that or American TV is complete toss for the most part.

    It’s kind of like the App Store. Digging through a bucket of shit in search of tiny nuggets of gold which you know are in there.

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