Resistance: Burning Skies Story Trailer Released

Over on the EU PlayStation Blog, a video has been posted giving us more of an insight into the story in the upcoming Vita title. The video is in that arty hoopla style that I tell myself I like but really don’t. But it does provide us with some new information so it’s worth a watch.


At the end of the video there is also some actual gameplay footage although I’m pretty sure we have seen some of it before.  Personally I’ll not bother with this. I can’t seem to get the hang of aiming on the Vita on Uncharted, the screen’s too damn small. Am I the only one?

Source: EU Blog.



  1. I love the uncharted aiming on vita. Being able to adjust by moving the device makes things loads easier. I find it a little trickier on Unit 13

    • Wait what? I didn’t know motion control could be used! Is it just fine tuning. I’ve used the analogs only up until now.

    • I had to turn the motion aiming off – I play on the train so it ended up being more of a hinderance than a help!

    • dooesnt the aiming only work with the snipers, I think the aiming in UCGA was awful & I hated the game cause of that

      • Tilt aiming works with any gun – I used it all the time and thought it was brilliant. Just felt natural after a while.
        I’ve just started playing Unit 13 after UCGA and am constantly tilting and cursing because it isn’t working.

    • I hated UCGA aiming. It was horrible. Hated UCGA because of that. I got to chapter 2 and went f**k this sh***y aiming.

    • Can’t stand that tilt-to-aim either but delighted it can be switched off.

      • It’s great once you get the hang of it. The first few chapters were hard but you need to aim close with the analogue and then fine tune it with the tilt aim. Whack up the sensitivity too.

  2. Well i’m super exited for this!!

  3. The usual resistance story. I guess this is just the start of 2 really, where the Chimera have made it to the coast of the USA. Hoping the gameplay improves from those glimpses as it looks a little clunky. I too cant quite get to grips with the smaller analogue sticks.

    • Glad I’m not the only one. They are perfect for racing but just struggle for fine adjustments. Although saying that, Tarbun84 just told me you can make slight adjustments using the motion sensor. Did not know that.

      • I just find them reticule to be always moving, its never still on Uncharted. I was also told that, only for zooming with the sniper though. I noticed that if I moved the Vita it would have a zooming frenzy.

      • Oh just seen above lol. You can turn it off too?

      • I find the small analogue sticks hard too. Been waiting for some more large covers/extenders to appear on eBay that can hopefully clip on to make them bigger! Was not also aware of the motion adjustment on Uncharted – although given the single screen tutorial/info regarding the Black Market, I’m not shocked!

      • haha, yeah a slight extension on them would make it much easier. Not much help from Bend in terms of instructions for the game :P

  4. Can’t wait. My Vita is already collecting dust so I need a great game like this to get stuck into :)

    • dust with all them great launch games bit early for dust comments.

      • Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy loads of games at a time :P Uncharted GA and Escape Plan were both great games but pretty short (the latter in particular), while Unit 13 was fun at first but didn’t hold my interest for long.
        Traded all three in this weekend to buy a new Vita game or two but instead walked out with the Jak and Daxter HD collection and some PSN credit to buy Ico/SotC.

      • I can recommend Wipeout. Not typically my sort of game but it’s bloody good and probably better looking than Uncharted – which is saying something! Soundtrack is also good. :)


        Played that too ;) Took it back quite quickly when I realised it doesnt have a lot of varied content

      • Fair enough! :)

        Will try and read your review when I get a moment!

      • How can you have traded in Escape Plan, isn’t it a PSN title…
        I agree with skibadee, it’s way too early for dust comments!
        I do hope Sony have more up their sleeves for the summer though.

      • Whoops, sorry. I meant Unit 13 and Uncharted :)

      • Well it sounds like you’ll have fun with some of PS2’s finest anyway :)

    • Rayman Origins!

      • ;) I have it for the PS3. Cracking game.

  5. I finally finished Resistance 3 a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it, so I’m excited to see how this turns out.

    Bit early to write it off however, especially with little gameplay shown, no demo and based on a completely different (3rd person) game…..

    • I didn’t write it off, just can’t seem to shoot people on Vitas :P Kept failing the bloody tutorial in Unit 13.

      • what seriously compared to uncharted I think unit 13 is a simple aim and shot as it automatically locks on the victim

      • You know the very first guy you have to shoot in the back of the head from behind cover? Yip, that’s where I gave up!

  6. great the Vita felt strange to me for about a week it feels normal to me now looking forward to this big time.

  7. Any game that uses the analogues on Vita for aiming is a no go for me. Stupid tiny analogues in a awkward position. Can’t help feel that it was designed for Japanese first then everyone else.

    • I’m 6’5″ and have paws the size of dinner plates, much smaller than anyone from Japan. I use my Vita every day, no problemss.

      • Me too! I think the Vita was a godsend for us giants.
        Especially after getting cramped hands all the time with the PSP.

  8. “Am I the only one?”

    Yup. Aiming on UC:GA is divine.

    • no I feel the same way.

    • Best aiming I’ve ever played with.
      Not sure I can go back to the old way, to be honest.

      • Snap! i thought the aiming was pretty easy it took a few hours to adjust too but i found it great

  9. Not sure about this, i’ve still only really enjoyed the first Resistance game. I do want some FPS for Vita though so i’ll keep an eye on it.

    • Yeah loved the first. Stopped playing the second which is very rare for me to stop playing a game.

      • You should give the third one a chance, best in the series, even better than the first !

  10. Looks slick…..

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