Starhawk Drops Four Player Split-screen

But two-player will be 'better'.

Florence Kum, Senior Producer at SCEE, has revealed that Starhawk will not feature a four player split screen. Instead, the studio have been concentrating on the two player mode, which will be “better”.

“We are very aware that some of you wanted 4-player split screen like Warhawk,” says the article. “We thought about it a lot and decided not to go this route.”

“Based on our data, not enough people ever used 4-player split in Warhawk, so we concentrated our efforts in other areas, such as making 2-player just plain better. For the few people that actually played 4-player split screen…we’re very sorry about that.”

“For everyone else, we think you’ll like the aspect ratio change and the bigger radar map.”

Dual log-in is in, though, which means two players playing locally will be able to join up and both sign into their PSN accounts.


  1. Cracking. I imagine when this decision was made the individual said. Four player split screen. Bosh! DUNNO why!?

  2. dual log in is brilliant, and its a shame 4 players has gone (even though I didn’t ever use it) but the two player screen looks great.

  3. Dual login is very clever, never seen it before on any Playstatiom. Well done Dylan and team!

  4. Another game gone down the 2 player route, shame, 4 player on Warhawk was awesome. Which, i’ll be sticking to. The beta was a bit dissapointing in my view…

  5. We seem to being going backwards this Gen. Unless you love online gaming.

  6. The return of splitscreen, how i missed you

  7. Only ever played Warhawk with one mate, didn’t even know it did four player split-screen.

  8. I’ll stick with Warhawk, thanks.

  9. Love that screenshot. Great use of on screen space. It’s a shame that they had to cut 4 player, but will be a better game because of it. Oh, when does the Starhawk beta end?

  10. Bummer for those who were looking forward to it but I’m just glad it has 2 player coop at all.

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