Epic Mickey 2 Debut Trailer Goes Live

Sub-headed “The Power of Two” Disney Interactive’s Epic Mickey is set to make a return later this year with a focus on 2-way co-op. Featuring both Mickey and Oswald, the sequel looks fairly similar to the original Wii title which launched in late 2010, though we’re sure the team at Junction Point have a few tricks up their sleeve.


Epic Mickey 2 is due to launch later this year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and surprisingly, the Nintendo Wii (not the Wii U.)



  1. 2 player loal coop would be sweet unless it actually requires both players to be using Move controllers…

  2. Should be great fun provided the camera isn’t a total balls up.

  3. I remember seeing the trailer for the first game and thinking it looked really good, but I can’t say anything got me excited watching this :(

  4. Good this is coming for PS3 and XBox, liked the first one but the SD graphics made it less enjoyable to play

  5. they should do a remake of that very first micky mouse game on the PS1. i remember the camera slowly switched from black and white to color as you progressed through the starting zone to reflect the micky mouse cartoons timeline progression. it was really difficult though i never finished the full thing.

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