Epic Mickey 2 Is Coming To Vita

Disney has just tweeted that their iconic mouse will be arriving on Sony’s portable device “later this year”. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two sees Mickey and his new friend Oswald painting and thinning their way around a landscape packed with Disney characters.


The game was previously released on PS3 and Xbox 360 but it was perhaps the Wii U that saw the most interesting version. It made use of the GamePad for the second player in a game that is very much intended to be played as a 2-player co-op team.

It’s difficult to see how that might translate onto the Vita but there are certainly some connectivity options available to get a second player into your game, should Disney’s developers choose to make use of them.



  1. I’d be more excited if the reviews didn’t write this game off as quite crap.

    • Yeah, I can’t say I enjoyed what I played of it very much but my nephews quite liked running around fighting with each other in it.

  2. Well they better fix the game for this version and not a broken one like the console versions.

    • I haven’t spotted any issues at all with the Wii U version. Not that that’s helpful to you, just saying, it might not be all console versions so there might be hope for this port?

      • Well I have not played the game but have read that it had terrible framrate(Wii U version),bad AI and camera issues.

      • I didn’t have issues with the PS3 version apart from it being rather dull and heavily lacking in Disney.

        Not sure I can bring myself to play through it again but this lull in Vita games might mean I at least try it out.

  3. Well that’s.. random.

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