Rumour: Good News For Vigil, Bad News For Junction Point

Crytek have announced plans to open a new studio in Austin, Texas. Crytek USA Corp. will be headed by David Adams – the name might ring a bell as he was co-owner of Darksiders developer Vigil who were also based in the area. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

Indeed, it looks like the team of “35 experienced developers” they plan to hire may include some of the staff from the troubled Darksiders developer. Industry site Gamasutra asked if the new team was effectively Crytek buying Vigil and Jens Schafer from Crytek told them that this is “more like a new start for [the team at Vigil].”


What happens to the Darksiders franchise remains to be seen, but perhaps Crytek will snap it up at a bargain price. Jason Rubin says that “the Darksiders and Red Faction IP have not been auctioned yet.”

Meanwhile things are looking less rosy for Warren Spector’s Junction Point, the developers behind Epic Mickey. A tweet from Star Citizen crowd-funding platform Roberts Space Industries said “Second 21 gun salute for a studio in seven days. Fare-the-well Junction Point.”

“We hope that you all find new studios soon.”

Disney have not announced the developer is to close, however the second Epic Mickey title performed miserably despite losing its Nintendo exclusive status and being released on PS3 and 360.

Junction Point are based in, yes you guessed it, Austin, Texas, a region that has been hit hard with Starhawk developer Lightbox shedding many of its staff, Zynga Austin closing and Bioware Austin being restructured.

Source: Gamasutra / Twitter.



  1. Don’t care about Darksiders as long as the devs get to keep jobs, most of them I hope.

    It is somewhat getting to the point where I can’t honestly say it is a shame for all these studios because it’s happening in all sorts of sectors. I know it doesn’t change the fact that it is not nice for the devs, but damn, what do people expect with this economy. Damn, I just hope people everywhere can cope.

  2. I really, really, really, REALLY hope Red Faction gets picked up by Square Enix or Ubisoft.

  3. Darksiders!

  4. This is good news, but I’m not too big a fan of Crytek as their games are published by EA, and I’d rather see Darksiders go to just about anyone else. Also Crysis aren’t good games once you peel away the shiny coating. I wonder what Crytek has in store for the new studio though.

  5. I have loved both Darksiders so far and more would be great news! It’s this slightly lower level of developer that we all need and want to succeed otherwise EA and Activision are going to be calling even more shots!

  6. Was’nt a fan of the 1st Darksiders game, 1st boss fight coupled with control scheme and smidge of not being able to skip the yap she said before fight started, put me off, but i did admire the work the team had done, so great news to see some if not all, have found new employment so soon.

    • Never got passed that first boss either.

  7. Darksiders is an incredibly rich universe and it’d be a shame to see it fall by the wayside before all that lore and character is truly capitalised on. I enjoyed Darksiders 2 for the most part, especially the Crucible, although I understand why some people might not have. Either way, it’s great news for Vigil’s devs (at least the ones that have found new work).

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