Foosball 2012 Coming To Vita And PS3

An announcement on the EU Blog. has certainly caught my attention. Foosball 2012, being developed by Grip Games is heading to the PS3 and Vita “at the end of this spring” which is vague but I think it means we can expect it soon.

The game will have you controlling your table football team as you take on both AI and online opponents. Using the analog sticks or, wait for it… Move, you can control all your players at the supposed touch of a button. Or should that be flick of the wrist.


One of the more important things to add is that Grip Games has taken note of the format Motorstorm RC took. If you buy the game on one platform, it will be available on the other. There is also going to be cross-platform play and game saves will be carried between platforms. No word on a price yet, but if it’s around that £5 price bracket, this could be a winner.

The announcement trailer is below.

Source: EU Blog.



  1. Nice idea for a game, but I think ill keep with my real table football for now.

  2. arhgh what is hurts my head to think about it

  3. Might be worth a try. I think I’ll wait until it comes out and see what the reviews are like. Looks pretty good though

  4. More of these great buy one version get the other free please.

  5. What’s the name of the song in this trailer?? Or is it their own soundtrack?? Coz it’s awesome.

  6. not being american, i’m gonna call this table football. ^_^

    it could be fun if they get the controls right, you need to be able to flick the player things, whatever they’re called, pretty quick when you need to, but to be able to do that and have fine control like in the video.

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